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SB 9 clean/strip ?'s

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  • SB 9 clean/strip ?'s

    Hello again
    Just so you know, I truly appreciate all of the comments from my earlier posts.
    I would post my dumb newby questions on the PM site, but for some reason I cannot post there. I can create an account, but never get an email back saying I can post (have made a new profile 3 times). grrrrr
    Time for the dumb questions.
    #1 How do you remove the nuts on the handles/dials (dials about 1-1/8"), from the cross slide? From the diagrams on other sites, they seem to have a straight pin, right in the centre.The nut is split on either side...with the pin being about 1/4" there a trick to this or a special tool to remove this nut??
    I am assuming that once this is removed, that the entire cross feed screw will come out? There is so much crap and chips embedded on this machine, that I want to strip it right down to the bare parts and clean the crud out.

    #2 Oil? What new oil do you recommend oiling with after it all hss been removed?

    #3 The chuck seems to be very very secure.(rust perhaps) to do.. ( I know it is threaded)....engage reverse gears and pull like hell??
    Sorry for the simpleton questions....but you folks have been a wealth of knowledge.

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    #1 - I have no specific knowledge about the SB and a lot of people here do, so here is a thread bump.

    #2 & #3 - These topics have been covered so many times that people are often 'unenthusiastic' about typing it all in again, so take a look through the archives via the search function. You will get better results if you use 3 words in the search criteria. If you have any trouble, post again and I will try and be less lazy in my assistance.
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      If the handles are pinned they are most likely taper pins,so they will only come out one side.Use a pin punch to tap them,and if there's no movement,turn handle 180 degrees and try again.Once the pin is out you should be able to unscrew the handle.
      Machine oil is pretty much standard use everywhere.Won't harm anything.Any oil is better than no oil.
      To remove the chuck,put a piece of steel bar across the chuck.(between the jaws).Tighten jaws and hit piece of steel with heavy hammer,preferably a lead one if you have it.You could put the lathe in back gear,but if the chuck is really stuck hard,this might strip a tooth of a gear when you hit it.
      Some people use a source of heat to try and dislodge a stuck chuck(try saying that fast 5 times),but mine's never needed that much persuasion.
      Hope this was of some use to you.


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        To remove the handles you could make a tool out of an old wide blade screw driver. It should be as wide as the nut, but with a slot in it to clear the end of the shaft. When you get the nut off the handle should slide off. You'll want to watch out for a small pin that they use to keep the handle from turning. It sits lengthwise in a slot on the shaft. It might just fall out or it could be stuck to the shaft or inside a matching slot in the bore of the handle. The lead screw can then be removed. The piece that it rides in can also be removed. There is a hole in the bottom of it that a 1/8 pin punch will fit into and used to unscrew it.

        As far as the chuck goes, I would use a piece of round stock tightened up in it and try a pipe wrench on that. You'll need to engage the back gear. I do not believe in whacking on things right off. Try a slow steady pull on the wrench and see if it will unscrew.