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Whipp shaper shaping up

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  • Whipp shaper shaping up

    (Partial repeat from earlier post)

    A while back I found some time between breaks in the snowfall get away from yard work to do some shop work, and built a new part for the shaper. While I had it apart I decided to rebuild the rest of the parts:

    Here's the original knob:

    and here's the replacement:

    And here's all the new parts ready to assemble as soon as the paint's dry on the now cleaned up blob from the above picture:

    The knob fits on the new pawl barely visible in the top picture, and the shoulder bolt attaches to the cam rod, also visible above, that rocks the blob to and fro.

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      Good job and good luck with the rest of the project. It's great to see some old iron restored to usefullness!!


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        old shaper

        For setting up I prefer my old belt driven shaper over the hydraulic powered one I use at work. Hard get the hydro to move back and forth just enough to dial everything in while on the old belt I can turn it back and forth by hand. The auto tool lift on the hydraulic powered shaper though is really nice for lazy tool set up!