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Need help with Gun Drill coolant!

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  • Need help with Gun Drill coolant!

    Hello, I am new to this site but now I am a memeber i believe I am going to like it here. I do have a problem though wondering if anyone out there may have had the same problem at one time or just has some advice to set me straight. I have a mister for coolant which seems doesn't want to cycle right. It is a DM 2000 mister, which has a brass spindle with o-rings and what houses the spindle in place are two nuts one on top and bottom. The top nut is equiped with a release primer valve. A cycle is when this brass spindle moves from TDC to BDC It is between these nuts where where my problem lies if after it cyles. It eigther wants to cyle to fast or the presure drops down and will not cyle causing drill failure. This type mister should only cycle ever odd minuteor so, not a timer type system.If anyone is familiar with this system I would like some help

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    I am not familiar with your mister, but have a friend that produces gun barrels for a living and he uses flood coolant and a single lip drill. I know this probably does not help much, but food for thought, so to say. Jay
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      gun drill

      You are using a mister on a gun drill? From my experience gun drills need high pressure - high volume oil coolant. Can't see a mister working with a gun drill. Peter
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        Every Gundrill setup I've seen used Through the drill coolant, pumped in at decent pressure - usually over 100 PSI.

        The Gundrills, when you buy 'em, are hollow - You pump the coolant through the tubing, into the drill, which exits at the cutting face.

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          Depending on hole size, and depth I use pressures as high as 700 psi. Watch out when the drill breaks through you can have oil everywhere in only a few seconds. I am running straight cutting oil, never heard of a mister for a gundrill system.


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            coolant mist works perfectly fine for this is for boring out polypinko (plastic) if my spelling is right. Coolant is just needed to flush back the chip and cool the tip. which it does a fine job, thats not where my problem lies it is the mister itself with faulty cycles.