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Pre-assembly work Harley Stroker clearancing. Warning Machine work content:

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  • Pre-assembly work Harley Stroker clearancing. Warning Machine work content:

    Actually learned a few things about my mill, I had to build a jig for the shovelheads to hold them off the table on parallels to gain enough clearance to bore the larger cylinder spickot holes, (thanks Joe Hartson) then modified the jig to hold the cases by the cylinder studs to bore them to fit, (sorry no pictures, no videos)
    NOT used the Criterion boring head so I had to ask a few questions from machinists (thanks Richard Klienschmidt) I trusted. I'll probably never be the machinist some of you are, but I am getting by.

    Clearance on the video there is of the internal bosses in the case where the crankshaft nut hits as it rotates.. the longer stroke interferes with the case bosses. After milling them to stroke diameter of crank side shaft to outer reach of crankpin throw NUT. There is a special jig you can buy to mark the cases, I didn't buy it. You simply drop it into the pinion shaft bushing and scribe it around the radius needed. I sold-gave away all my tools a couple years ago. I've had to build about everything I needed here.

    ANYWAYS, typing a G2 command is much more fun. Notice the 5/16ths bolt I tig welded to the 3/8" bolt to make a tie down for the cases? Learned a few things here and there to get me by. (Aka Madman)

    This motor also had to have a oil passage drilled for the new billet S&S oil pump, I had purchased the jig with customers deposit. It went off without a hitch, drilling and tapping a hole to separate the top end oiling from the pinion bushing oiling in the cam cover.. these motors get their bottom end oil pressure through the cam cover there and this just separates the feed passages with a set screw tapped into the cases.

    Also there in the spickot hole, the rod clearance had to be increased with a file, and the oil return holes in the 3 5/8" bore cylinders had to be drilled in the block and angle filed to drain back into the lower end. About ten processes done now and I get to trial assemble it.

    There was some hairy moments.. the boring head started chattering as the spickot holes in the cases were started.. NOT good.. I tied a weight to the jig to help stabilize it.. MORE weight, more dampening is a good thing. I guess that is why milling machines weigh a few thousand pounds.

    I've always sent out the block work. What the hell for? I may build myself a cylinder grinder here.. why not? I powered up the big rotary table here with a stepper and gecko.

    I've gotten a spin on oil filter adapter to put in the feed line of my parts washer.. for critical assemblies like this.. I may put a bypass valve in it to save it, Anyone ever done that? I do no machine work when I am assembling something like this. That danged cnc throws chips twenty feet.. I see why they lock them in boxes.
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