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  • Worth the asking price?

    I could use some advise from the collective once again! Somebody selling the following on Craigslist:

    Is it worth the price? Thanks!

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    That looks like a 6" Craftsman. It replaced the more familiar old-style Craftsman 6" in the mid-1970s.


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      As I understand it, the Craftsman lathes with flat ways were made by Atlas, and some were considered pretty decent. They also sold a 6 inch lathe with v ways that was made by AA, of lower quality. You still need to take care because there were multiple versions even of the Atlas made ones, some with and some without such features as back gears.

      Here's a little more about them:


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        looks like the one i just sold for 250. but that here in the depressed northland. . . and i had only a 3 jaw chuck and a handful of tools. . . .


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          Thanks for the help!

          Thanks for the information! As I suspected, it appears to be overpriced somewhat, given the condition of the lathe. Doesn't have all the bells and whistles but I should be able to pick those up easy enough.