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    Originally posted by snowman
    I haven't read the thread, nor am I going to. Torker introduced her as "the girl" in all of the threads in which he showed her work. He gave a bit of her history, and it sounds like she has a genuine interest in the hobby. It shouldn't matter if she's a girl, a man, or a 35 lb beagle that likes to knaw at metal....she still deserves respect.

    This age old statement, respect is earned, not given....that's fine and dandy, you don't have to show respect, but you do have to be POLITE.

    I have a pretty good friend who is a girl that WAS posting on a male dominated site, because she had a genuine interest in it, she finally gave up because she got nasty PM's almost constantly, frankly, I find it a little disgusting. What the hell is it about having a penis that automatically makes people act like an ass?

    I've seen women come and go on these sites more than once, and frankly, anymore...I think that acting like a jackass should get you banned. No questions, I don't care how many posts contributing information you have...just banned.

    From now on pretend you are writing a letter to Santa, or Mrs Claus (the old version, not the victoria's secret outfit)...and how you behave directly impacts how much old American iron he pushes through your garage door, and how many endmills he puts in your stocking.
    Probably the best post of the year. Maybe of all time. And so spot on you wouldn't think it necessary to bring it up.

    From a happily married man with two daughters that have had to put up with crap way too often from asshats that never grew up.


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      While I don't post a lot here I often follow topics of interest, finally having picked up a couple of machines last fall I was looking for more info and other points of view on a variety of machining topics, namely getting started, tooling up and self educating.......I had joined the PM site about a month before girlpower hit the stage......while there's 2 sides to every story it didn't take long for the crusty crumudgeons to stomp out every bit of style and enthusiasm that she came with and sadly she gave up with PM and exitted, who could blame her. I actually thought I would leave first, partially due to "some attitudes" over there and an underlying current that "we the professional machinists are above you", sorry that attitude will only garnish power if I let it. There were references that HSM had a few members that were "worthy" but that HSM were by and large an irritating gnat, hard to pinpoint and swat dead circling their holiness.

      I will say that PM has some excellent members that work hard to help and preserve their trade but I found the people, tones, projects and humour more to my liking over here. I can only hope that thegurl gets a fair shake and extend a big welcome to you, by what torker has said your spare time restraints are stretched thin and logic would assume that a rocky start might not be worth the effort, there lots to learn from each other no matter where your at skill wise.
      Opportunity knocks once, temptation leans on the doorbell.....


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        some of the responses in the "gurl" thread made me uncomfortable reading them. I doubt you guys act like that to females in "your" world, assuming their are any!


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          Lots of bad behaviour here, it's a fact of life and won't change. The board is unmoderated and a large enough group like it that way that it will stay. The bad actors will keep being bad or worse.

          I was about to leave the board altogether when I thought to try the ignore list. I just started to add anyone that really pissed me off. Easy to do. Amazing what even 2 or 3 of the most common bad actors on your ignore list will do to clean up the board. Once a couple of them posted like crazy on one of my threads. I thought I'd un-mute them to see if they'd anything intelligent to say. They didn't, so I consigned them back to being ignored.

          Amazing what a little thing like that can do. Now it still helps to avoid threads that are going to be obviously obnoxious, but by and large the board is a nicer place to be after that.

          And to Ms Gurl--welcome! Please call yourself anything you'd like. I've enjoyed seeing your work and look forward to having you contribute more.



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            Originally posted by hardtail
            I had joined the PM site about a month before girlpower hit the stage......while there's 2 sides to every story it didn't take long for the crusty crumudgeons to stomp out every bit of style and enthusiasm that she came with and sadly she gave up with PM and exitted, who could blame her.
            Like you say, there are two sides to that story. "Girlpower" joined PM last December (IIRC), immediately started posting like crazy, and was blatantly batting her eyes for attention, to be polite.

            What ensued was predictable: her posts drew a flood of attention, some good, and some bad. Genuine requests for help and advice from other members were going unnoticed in the chaos. Paula and Carla, who have developed a great deal of respect, based on their considerable skills, were openly annoyed, and posted to the effect. It was a bad situation that you just knew was going to get worse. And it did.

            TG is clearly serious about developing her metalworking skills, and her post (and her handle) was obviously her way of introducing herself to the board in a light-hearted way. I sure hope the board treats her with the respect that Carla and Paula get on PM. It's not been a good start so far...
            "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did."


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              more of the same

              Don't let the bastards grind you down. (freely translated from the latin) My best machine shop student in Edmonton was female and went on to get her machinist ticket, interprovincial. My wife's former soprano student is a millwright in Edmonton and one of the best welding student my buddy taught (female of course) went on to design and build steel furniture and sculptures. You are not alone. Treat the jerks' comments with the contempt they deserve and please stick around. Peter
              The difficult done right away. the impossible takes a little time.


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                About the gurl welding, i used to weld a lot ( so i have an idea what i am talking about) 2 of the best welders that i knew were women. one of them to shut the guys up would take the foil off the paper of chewing gum wrapper then she would tear in to pieces then weld it back togeather. It impressed me.
                scariest thing to hear " I am from the government and i am here to help"


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                  I have to agree with the unmoderated part of this board and between the invasion post the other presidents post. But the thing is the board is(Monitored), they discussed the posting actions of certain parties at the NAMES expo with any number of members of this board.
                  As with most things in life now when writing up the rules of the road. a gaggle of lawyers have to be paid to over see the rules so no one is offended. But everybody can be offended by a small section of the group.

                  And as been said if their wives or girlfriends found out they would be getting their seat cushions kicked in for a while.

                  It is to bad it is the usual suspects that start and take part.

                  We were told at NAMES that changes were on the way, we will see.
                  If any body was offend by the postings in the thread Invasion, I would suggest that they go back and click the Report bad post icon upper right top of the post box and tell the moderator about it. If enough report it, it will change sooner then later.

                  We can self monitor by
                  1. Reporting post to the moderators That are offensive
                  2. Not answering the posts
                  3. And ignoring the posters
                  Been there, probably broke it, doing that!
                  I am not a lawyer, and never played one on TV!
                  All the usual and standard disclaimers apply. Do not try this at home, use only as directed, No warranties express or implied, for the intended use or the suggested uses, Wear safety glasses, closed course, professionals only


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                    Post a new thread

                    Glen (PTSideshow).

                    I read your post at #21 with considerable interest - several times.

                    First of all, much of what you say is both correct and relevant regarding some perhaps/probably hopefully unintended "bad" posts on this thread and the other related thread to which it and the OP both refer/s to and which the OP also created.

                    The matters you refer to regarding monitoring is fair enough as well as we all should be aware of it as George Bulliss (VP Moderator) made abundantly clear recently. They should be transferred now to a new thread specifically for and related to that "Monitoring".

                    The matters you refer to that were discussed at the recent NAMES meeting should also be on that new thread.

                    It is at best "unfortunate" that so many who attended NAMES seemingly discussed so many of us that were not there that there is quite an unjustified imbalance. It seems to me that a lot of us who were not there and may have been discussed and/or regarded adversely should have been "made aware" so that, given that we are - or ought to be - "equals among equals" that we should be treated equally.

                    That matter that you mention:
                    But the thing is the board is(Monitored), they discussed the posting actions of certain parties at the NAMES expo with any number of members of this board.
                    if it infers that VP are the "they" that discussed those matters "with any number of members of this board", then it seems that some are not informed of matters relevant to them nor are they able to state their cases nor are they able to confront their accuser/s nor, apparently has VP taken it up with some of those "offenders".

                    I wonder if in the event that some of those "offenders" attended NAMES, that their apparent "offences" were discussed between members and/or VP in their presence.

                    If I am one of the "offenders" I am quite able to speak for myself and to "take my medicine" if needs be.

                    I do get the feeling that some may have been treated unjustly and this may require rectification.

                    Having one group "in the know" and other/s not ("in the know") can lead to division and "whispering" campaigns" "off screen" (ie by PM or email etc.).

                    This in turn can be seen to lead to attempts at "moderation by stealth".

                    "Justice delayed is Justice denied".

                    I have sufficient faith in VP and its Moderators to be assured that justice will be done.


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                      In other words Quit Hijacking threads for your own little agendas.


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                        oldtiffie It wasn't a group meeting, and it was mostly dealing with the off color and inappropriate comments and the calling of names. And some form of posted clearly spelled out rules for behavior in the posting on this forum.

                        In talking to the people from this board that were at NAMES. I don't think your name came up or was mentioned. The main thing people told VP was that the forum has been picking up speed on it's slide down hill.

                        There was no promises made or statements by any person from VP or other wise of any action taken or going to be taken. Other than they are planing some changes and that they were looking into a Code of behavior page.

                        As torker and others have said the inappropriate off color comments to his gurl's announcement of here landing here.
                        was beyond juvenile. As most children and juveniles, have a better idea of when and were their comments are used.

                        I have not taken part in or received any emails or pm campaign regarding you or anybody else. Having to do with this forum, Also I know of no such thing.

                        If the parties that are posting offensive items have been contacted by agents of VP, I am unaware of that also.

                        As to anybody pleading their case or talking to agents of VP. They are as anyone on this board. Can contact VP at their email, pm or contact the moderator by phone or snail mail. As George has said here and at NAMES.

                        Personally I don't have much problem with the OT stuff as I do with the off color,stupid, name calling behavior. Just for somebody to feel good about themselves.

                        And as to pointing out what the reporting icon is and suggesting it be used by any one that finds a post offensive.
                        I feel this is the moderators tool put there by the people that own this board. And a lot of people may not know what its use is.

                        As torker stated at the start of this, thread it is to bad that adults are acting the way they did . Because a woman has chosen to to post and reveal the fact that they are a woman.
                        They have been woman on here before that post but because of the silliness and stupidity of some members. Make sure that the fact isn't well known.

                        What would they do if The moderator of their other site for the live steam magazine was here. The moderator is Ms. Clover McKinley.

                        From what others said to me that were attending NAMES, was the VP staff was taking all information along with the fact that some of the biggest offending posters have been on it a long time. And do what is needed to continue the smooth operation of this forum.

                        And if anybody has sent you a pm or email that I am leading some vast conspiracy to get people blocked etc. They are suffering from bigger problems than bad taste in their posting habits.
                        Been there, probably broke it, doing that!
                        I am not a lawyer, and never played one on TV!
                        All the usual and standard disclaimers apply. Do not try this at home, use only as directed, No warranties express or implied, for the intended use or the suggested uses, Wear safety glasses, closed course, professionals only


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                          Thanks Glen.

                          Good effort, and a well thought-out and good reply that is appreciated.

                          No one has "given me the message" in any shape or form. I don't doubt that some things I've said may have hurt or offended some. I apologise for most but not all of it as some was deliberate and hopefully aimed specifically - that's life.

                          In my opinion, and given the diversity of the members, the Forum/Board does very well in self-regulation. There are occasions where the "iron fist in velvet glove" approach is needed - and happens - by the Moderators - as George Bulliss advised and promptly showed he meant it.

                          The "down-hill slide" period and items seem to have been corrected adequately as far as I can see.

                          I have no problems with people at a meeting discussing others in general and anonymously and not specifically as regards instances or names.

                          I like a good vigorous debate/discussion. Provided that it is generally topical and "on-topic" and is informative.

                          That people sometimes will not "move" or will not "see" others points of view is inevitable. It goes "down-hill" when people start talking "at" each other instead of "with" or "to" each other, then its gets "personal" and invective as well as "OT".

                          When that happens the thread gets on the "slippery slide" and very heated. If the members can't stop it the Moderator must.


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                            I am not out of line here, I just posted my welcome to the gurl in the first thread.

                            As I said, I have a gurlie TA and housemate.
                            She teaches me better cookin, I teach her some welding and machining.

                            And she DOES want sequins on her welding helmet.
                            I was not being facetious. She's gonna buy a glue gun on monday!
                            Just got my head together
                            now my body's falling apart


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                              hey Russ, dude, no disrespect intended, but imo you don't need to take on that role. Good intentions not withstanding I'm sure she can take care of herself, you can't be everywhere, but most importantly, if someone is acting inappropriately (i don;t know, didn't follow the other thread) it makes them look like the horses ass not her.
                              in Toronto Ontario - where are you?


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                                THE dance..

                                This whole thread is akin to a father taking his daughter to the dance, then getting mad if someone wants to dance with her. Over protective? Confused of his position in the world. RUSS, if someone was really ugly I am behind you, but I missed it.

                                I was curious about a "picture of the gurl" because of the "marine" running the 900 sex line on the 60 minutes television show. It was all front bells and whistles, all the while he collected the "900 line money". HE sure had a purty voice.

                                IF THERE IS A SUPERWOMAN OUT THERE, SHE is welcome here. I'd like to see if she looks like Uncle George thou. I am not in the market for a woman.

                                I can still recall the 250lb redheaded welder I adored so much, I could spot here in the middle of a group of men and all of them wearing tyvek paper suits... Something drawed me to her, her skill as a welder, her sense of humor. She scared the hell out of most men cause she dominated the "passed X-ray welds". She could kick most their asses as well. We'd go drinking in a bar after work, problem was she was attracted to the same women I was.

                                I am still curious to the comments made that were so hurtful. Ohh.. I must've been doing some "HOME MACHINIST WORKSHOP WORK" and missed them huh?

                                MOST you other HOME SHOP FORUM Members, notice I didn't say "Home shop machinists" are normally confused and look for a thing to argue over.. I missed Evan, he left out his two cents in this post. I could say "Hitler, Politics, or GUN, or machine gun plans" and as normal most you mental limited people would argue off on tangents like a missed ground to air missiles.

                                Who actually gives a rats ass? THERE IS A X in the top right corner if you don't like it. Press it and go away. I do quite regularly. It is much easier than traveling across country or countries and choking the living **** out of some moron. YES, you are responsible for your actions on a public forum.. Just as RUSS mentioned there, it can cause hard feelings that last a lifetime.

                                WOLFIE, wash out your mouth with soap and apologize to the group.. come on now.. It is not the 70s where a Cnt is a cnt.(old biker term for "(C)an't (U)nderstand (N)ORMAL (T)hinking). I actually saw a woman fighting for position at a 1%er bar.. It didn't fare too well when she tried to knock me outa the way. She was a black belt and wanted to intimidate and bully the male chauvinists pigs. I hate bullies of all sexes and colors.

                                PEOPLE are PEOPLE regardless of sexual attachments. Treat them like they treat you, be polite.. OR do us all a favor and press the X and go away.

                                I support valid topics of discussion, and metalworking projects here. Watch American choppers for DRAMA..

                                I'm pressing that x now.
                                Excuse me, I farted.