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Hey...You Birdbrains out there... (concerns the Gurl)

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  • Hey...You Birdbrains out there... (concerns the Gurl)

    Ok... Some of you have been acting like jerks with her already.
    I'd STRONGLY suggest you stop it or you will be sorry. I will haunt you for the rest of your days on this board honest to God. You have no idea what an asshat I can be.
    There are others who aren't happy about your behaviour towards her either.. a few who really matter in your life expectancy here.
    Some may notice that their disrespectful posts have been deleted.
    I wrote this in the "Invasion" thread...

    Yup..that's my lil' right hand! I guess this is testing the waters.. we'll maybe see why very few women ever post here. I see a couple of you can't help acting like asshats.... good going.
    #1 rule in my shop... "The Gurl" gets treated with respect or I kick your butt out. I don't care who you are.. yer gone.
    I'm uhhh... sorta saving you from yourself. A couple of "Ladies Men"... who are Gods gift to women... I let them beak off to her cuz they really pissed me off. They paid... I am far nicer to deal with than her.
    I told you she had fangs and I meant it. She's a sweet lookin gurl but she can cuss better than any of you.. guaranteed.
    I hope you guys afford her the same repect she gets here at our shop.
    So... macona.. a "Gurl" is someone who can tig weld aluminum or carbon or SS better than most I've seen here and she is just learning. Be careful or I'll post some of her alu welds.
    She's posting here because she wants to... I never prompted it.
    I'd love it if pics of her work were posted and appreciated. As for a bunch of pics of her.. forget it.. that's not what this is all about. She's doing the same stuff you guys are doing and she should be damm proud of it... in this 95% male occupation.
    BTW.. today she welded up an 8" wide flange beam, welded for hours on our folding trailer ramps.. (cool pics to follow), made an ignition cover for a Harley so some guy could ride on the weekend...then used her great tig hand to weld studs to a CR250 E-pipe so we could pull a huge dent out of it.. so that guy could ride this weekend.
    So here she is.. behave yourselves dammit...
    And one more thing.. if any of you send her any nasty (or otherwise) PM's.. I'll make damm sure they get posted here for God and everyone else to see. Ya.. I'm lookin out for her.. she looks out for me businesswise so I owe her.
    So grow up and give her respect.. believe me... she deserves it.
    I have tools I don't even know I own...

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    seen that thread, some pretty pathetic guys on here.

    And Im not gonna compare my welds with hers


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      Thanks MO...My thoughts exactly. Don't worry bout the welds.. they'll come!
      I'm bettin you don't have an instructor lookin at your work 8 hours a day
      That does help a little.
      I have tools I don't even know I own...


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        I had a friend who quit the mechanical engineering program because of the completely inappropriate male attention.

        I'd love to stab some of the perpetrators in the the eye.


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          Dont go out of your way to advertise yourself as a girl and different and you will not receive the unwanted attention that you garner. You will have more respect from your peers as Paula and Carla are over on the PM board.

          The same thing happened as in the "invasion" thread as over on PM when someone named "girlpower" (I think) popped up. You automatically get -1 point respect in many cases with a moniker like that.

          Respect is earned, not given.


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            macona.. The "gurl" thing is entirely of my making. That's what I've billed her as here from the getgo... it's my hillbilly way. That's what she's known as in our shop... so what? Anyone who frequents the board will recognize that "moniker"
            She does NOT garner attention. She just feels that maybe she belongs here now.
            Would it be better if she registered as "Bull$hitBill 372"? You're just nitpicking.
            So who's respect does she need to "earn" here? I've shown plenty of examples of her work (here)that have my customers and board members respect. That is all that's required in my book.
            Last edited by torker; 05-10-2008, 02:52 AM.
            I have tools I don't even know I own...


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              OK.. I've had my say. All I can add is.. I've had the opportunity to watch a brilliant young mind soak up things in a year that would take others 10 times as long.
              I'm hoping she can learn from you guys here if she wants to. There's a lot of brainpower here that could be a big benefit to her. I'm telling you.. this is a very unique opportunuty for all of us.
              I would (personally) be honoured to have you guys help her on her quest for perfection in our "sport".
              This is a HUGE challenge for any newbie... thrown in the guts of a fab/machine shop with no idea how to do anything like it. Think about that for a minute. How would you stack up?
              I have tools I don't even know I own...


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                I say- Respect all round

                thrown in the guts of a fab/machine shop with no idea how to do anything like it. Think about that for a minute. How would you stack up?
                (Good tutor + good student)(aptitude + correct attitude ); you cannot go wrong.


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                  I see Macona's point, but as soon as I saw the thread and the poster, I knew exactly who it was. Seems like she was already sort of one of us. Maybe "invasion" wasn't the best way to introduce herself, but I think she meant it in an entirely light-hearted way - not with one of those "I can be as good as you" stand-offish attitudes. Its that kind of attitude that ticks me off when I see "feminists".

                  There are people out there with the talent, people out there with the passion and people out there with both. Good machinist have both. It has nothing to do with gender.

                  Well, the passion might be related to gender and the way someone is raised, but as far as being good at something, whether its welding, machining, science, english, math, cooking, sewing, whatever... gender doesn't matter. I've known girls who couldn't weld worth a dang, even though they wanted to learn. Likewise, I've seen guys who really wanted to learn but had to work for months before they could make a decent weld. Then there are the girls and guys who pick up a gun/torch/holder for the first time and lays down a half-decent bead just like that.


                  I see your point - don't get me wrong. Its great that there is someone out here to stick up for her and she deserves respect, no doubt about it. But, as far as your question "how would you stack up", I think there are quite a few of us that would excel. To me, that is a good machinist - the guy who is a quick learner and almost doesn't need to be "taught". They don't need to study books or watch videos, they just get out there and it makes sense. Recently I've been repairing all sorts of machines in our machine shop (its on the move) and I'm by no means an expert, but it just makes sense to me. I can take apart something I've never seen, realize what the problem is and fix it, or learn how to fix it. I'm not intimidated to rip into something because I know how to do it without completely destroying something and I know who to ask if I have questions. Its just part of my personality and I think most good machinists out there are like that. (and I'm not saying I'm a good machinist ... hopefully someday I will be, but I'm not there yet!!)

                  And I'm not saying its a substitute for experience, but that kind of personality or apptitude corresponds to a "richer" expierence. I guess the difference I see is that good machinists really have passion. I've talked to guys who'd worked in a machine shop for 5 years and they still didn't know anywhere near what I know about machining ... and I'm a newb! But that is because I love this stuff, when I'm not in the shop, I'm thinking about it and talking with the pro's here learning as much as I can. Other guys who don't have the passion, machining is nothing more than an ends to a mean.

                  Anyhow, I'm rambling - I'm sorry. Its late and I've had some interesting expierences with some of the guys working in the shop with me...
                  Last edited by Fasttrack; 05-10-2008, 03:50 AM.


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                    Fastrack... the "Invasion" thing.. was a joke.
                    She told me she wanted to register and post something on the board.
                    I jokingly said "OMG... you want to "Invade" our domain"
                    That's where it came from and means nothing negative.
                    I have tools I don't even know I own...


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                      Yep - thats exactly how I read it. I think maybe the "birdbrains" out there didn't realize it? I don't know, I missed the bad posts I guess. It makes me sad that the folks here would cause such trouble for a lady. I always thought the folks here were a great group of guys.

                      Anyway, anyone who frequents the site should be able to tell 1) who it was and 2) the tone in which it was posted.


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                        Originally posted by torker
                        She told me she wanted to register and post something on the board.
                        I jokingly said "OMG... you want to "Invade" our domain"
                        You may have thought it was a big joke, but all that attitude does is start things off on the wrong foot.

                        If you act like a new circus sideshow act has come to town - "hey, come see the talking dog!" - then you can hardly justify being peevish when others do the same.

                        This is not to excuse it. Some of these guys are clods ... which you already know. So stop baiting them. An announcement like "hey guys, target here, tee-hee, fire away!" is no way to start if someone genuinely wants to be treated like everyone else.


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                          I haven't read the thread, nor am I going to. Torker introduced her as "the girl" in all of the threads in which he showed her work. He gave a bit of her history, and it sounds like she has a genuine interest in the hobby. It shouldn't matter if she's a girl, a man, or a 35 lb beagle that likes to knaw at metal....she still deserves respect.

                          This age old statement, respect is earned, not given....that's fine and dandy, you don't have to show respect, but you do have to be POLITE.

                          I have a pretty good friend who is a girl that WAS posting on a male dominated site, because she had a genuine interest in it, she finally gave up because she got nasty PM's almost constantly, frankly, I find it a little disgusting. What the hell is it about having a penis that automatically makes people act like an ass?

                          I've seen women come and go on these sites more than once, and frankly, anymore...I think that acting like a jackass should get you banned. No questions, I don't care how many posts contributing information you have...just banned.

                          From now on pretend you are writing a letter to Santa, or Mrs Claus (the old version, not the victoria's secret outfit)...and how you behave directly impacts how much old American iron he pushes through your garage door, and how many endmills he puts in your stocking.


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                            "A sideshow" ? Yup...there is a sideshow... happens everyday.
                            I can ask her to cut out a 5" (or whatever) circle.. with the torch or the plasma cutter.. she can then put it in the lathe to true it up... then put it in the mill to drill a bolt circle in it. Not the fastest in the world but the job gets done... the speed is coming with practice.
                            Or any other task I ask of her.. air arc gouging is the newest one she's learned... very quickly and very well.
                            There's what??? maybe 20 or 25 thousand women who live in this area... she's the only one I've seen who can do all this stuff.
                            I know almost every weldor in this country... all guys but a couple..probably 150 or so of them. I only know a few that can do what she does. Most are not interested in the machining end of it.
                            So ya.. she is maybe a sideshow if that's what you choose to call it.
                            I have tools I don't even know I own...


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                              Guessed I missed it..

                              I must've missed the comments. Pm me if I said anything out of the way to your thinking.

                              You painted the "GURL" up as a superwoman money making machine. It's a darned good thing I am taken or I'd be writing her marriage proposals too.. and believe me I am a silver tongued devil. I am quite happy with My wife and our relationship, THE GURL, she is safe from my attention.

                              Signed on as "the GURL" she better have a tin foil hat and a asbestos skin. Every nut case in the internet will come out of the wood work. FUN, RUN, or inappropriate posting.
                              Excuse me, I farted.