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Bandsaws.. coolant or no... (my opinion)

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    Ha! I thought I was the only one that built contraptions like that! I've got a whole pile of shorts/drops/scrap that I stick together into some of the saddest looking fixtures ever seen. But I think that one may top even my most convoluted ever...
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      Originally posted by Paul Alciatore
      I have a 4X6 and the blades seem to fail with stress cracks. I have examined them, thinking that I should try to splice them, but I can always see more cracks forming so it does not appear to be worth the effort. I am in the oil bottle/dripping a bit as the cut progresses group at present.

      So, does coolant help to prevent the blades from developing stress cracks?
      Most of my experience is with band mills for cutting lumber. I suspect, as your band gets dull, you tend to push it harder causing the cracks in the gullet. Since your bands are not resharpenable unlike my wood bands, I guess it doesn't matter for you. For me, I stop and change the band to save its life.



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        Originally posted by Michael Edwards
        I like the "LUBE TUBE" from Lenox. I got it from the local saw blade repair guy. I originally used it for a 10" carbide tipped chop saw on aluminum and it worked great. I like it a lot better than the old stick of bee's wax my dad had left over, it seems to work better and it is cleaner. It also woks great on a bandsaw on aluminum. Never used it on any thing else.

        That works well on a lot of stuff, LPS 2 works on alum sawing with carbide saws.
        A guy I know saws up diesel aluminum truck tanks with a 7" skill saw.

        he can cut an end off one in about 10 minutes and leave the flair to put it in another tank.