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propane touch mod that worked

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  • propane touch mod that worked

    well i needed to undue some case harded steel airgun hammers so i could thread the hammer pin holes and aftert alot of frustration of heat and settle at 10 min a crak i got to the second hammer and decided i needed more gas pressure and a bit hotter flam seems to happen as well now it takes wiht my mod only 3 min to get the hammer cherry hot and less times doing it as well ,, thre is only 3 mm smaller hole in my adapter but it works really slick and very proud of this mod, iam eventually going to get an oxegen tourch set up but right now for my budget this will do the job.

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    Can you give us some more details? A drawing maybe? Is this just a brass bar with a hole bored on one end to be a slip fit over the existing torch with a smaller outlet on the business end? Is that a MAPP or a propane cyl.? Inquiring minds want to know!

    Like you, I need more heat at times and can't afford oxy/acetylene at the moment.

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      Here you go,

      Bernomatic site with all there latest and more info on there torches and what they can do.
      some of them are located in the plumbing isle of your local big box store.
      Been there, probably broke it, doing that!
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        its MAPP fule , the full adapter specs are 67.20 mm long od is 21.95 mm bore hole is 1/2 inch where it goes over the origial shaft on the tourch. the hole depth for the flame is 13.14 mm id of the hole the flame comes out is 7.94 mm ....

        ....its about 3mm smaller then the factoy nozzle works good in my opnion

        the adaper is made of 660 bronze
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          "Turbotorch" used on propane makes a great deal of difference on small projects like this.


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            id agree that threr are othere things better but for me its the wallet thats pretty empty so if i can take something cheap and make it work for what iam doing that thats good enought for me and frees up my wallet. iam going to be getting into arc welding down the road as i have a few things i want to build that arc welding is the least expensive way to do it and works as well , ial also looking onto and oxygen welding kit as well for some stuff to ,,., if one can mod a tool to save money and time and on a low budget and still do the job properly then its good ...

            i seen the turbo touch thing, and it does not really suit my budget right now, and i have more importante things to spend my money on ,, i did this mod to my touch for a job and it worked i got great results and got the job done ,,,

            i have been told that part of being a good machinest is to be able to make your own tools and use up scrap as well ,if need be to make the tool to get the job done which is what i have done here ..