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Head scarves, headrags for kids with cancer

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  • Head scarves, headrags for kids with cancer

    OKAY.. start the jokes.. ever seen a 300lb tattooed man sew? I sewed up about twenty or so head rags from a sewing forum pattern to send to New York to a woman volunteering at a cancer hospital for kids.

    THEY swallow my melon of a head up.. go all the way down to my ears.

    ANYONE ELSE WANT A address to send some to?

    Rosie Greer used to do needlepoint. I don't remember anyone making fun of him. I got two sewing machines a consew industrial and a white home- sewing machine. It's now making a noise in the head.
    Excuse me, I farted.

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    I sew, I don't consider it any big deal.

    I have to make a dog bed here pretty quick. We work with a beagle rescue and I will be selling one in a fundraising event.

    I'm going to make it out of old jeans, rip the stitches out where the pockets are and such so that you can see the shadows and stuff.


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      Snowman.. our dog has a bed.. right between me and the wife...

      He's the most pampered spoiled rotten pooch I have ever saw. He still can't say mama clearly. At 82+lbs he fills up the center of the bed. He showed up at a time when I was heartbroken over Butch. Moved right on in here he did.. He was a rescue at 5 months his previous owners were moving somewhere they could not have a dog.
      Butch's parents were rescued fighting dogs. It showed in him. This dog is a pedigreed mutt but not fighting stock. He did turn the vet assistant a flip on the leash trying to follow me out the door.

      A friends wife started hunting with us years ago.. her husband got her to where she could hit a can with a shotgun and took her rabbit hunting.. YOu guessed it, she didn't lead the rabbit and shot the dog killing it dead.. I had so much fun teasing her.. the rabbit "was" the one in the front. the dog was the yelping creature in the back.. I asked her if he made good soup.. At least she didn't have a 30/06.. Untrained people with weapons are dangerous.
      He left her in her 9th pregnancy month to go on a drawed deer hunt.. Imagine that, they are divorced now.

      About the bed thing.. next time it'll be a much smaller dog I get.. perhaps a jack russel terrier.. I Need all that room in the bed to roll over.
      Excuse me, I farted.


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        Don't get a beagle, they lay sideways.

        The foster beagle sleeps on the dog bed, the resident beagles get our bed. One curls up next to my head, the other sleeps perpendicular to us. We are upgrading to a king size bed soon.


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          What, a king sized bed?? You need more dogs??
          Last edited by speedy; 05-15-2008, 09:08 AM.


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            A mate of mine had 4 Dobermans. Craziest damn animals that I have come upon. They had their own chairs in the lounge and every night was a three dog night in that household. The pecking order in that home was all up the crapper too; the dogs, the owners, then guests. A couple of times I would have gladly shot the lot. Dogs that is.


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              i was going on a motorcycle trip and it was cold so i sewed a piece that goes around oyur head, it velcrows and its lined and very warm. I just came up with the idea and started sewing.



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                [email protected]@@@

                Okay.. I can buy them through my suppliers that have eagles, skulls, lightning, and the ghost rider on them.. About $5 each.. Some are insulated, others just a hankerchief type deal.. I made one out of leather back in the 70s, got stopped in a small town, seems they had a law against hiding your face. He still got to write a few tickets, just needed a excuse to stop me.
                (a windshield is neato for winter riding) I don't like the way my bike handles with one tho.

                This is for kids, I guess they are so large to cover below the ears for kids.. my melon sized head don't even come close to filling them up.
                I tried to cut the pattern down, really messed it up, have throwed away two this morning..
                Excuse me, I farted.