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I wish we had some more here on this site.

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  • I wish we had some more here on this site.

    Engineering ladies!!!!! c'mon kerry keep us informed with what your doing.I worked in Germany were woman do all kinds of work and do it as good if not better than men so gurls do make better engineers also than men sometimes I am all for it c'mon ladies were are you out there.Alistair
    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease

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    Dude, her names not Kerry


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      Originally posted by A.K. Boomer
      Dude, her names not Kerry
      No, but it seems more comfortable than calling her "The Gurl." If you call her Kerry, everyone who's read that thread will know who you're talkinga bout
      "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did."


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        Seriously who gives a f*ck, you're all just screen names on a message board. Show your work or help out someone if you know the answer. Dont care if youre a guy or a girl, here or in my shop.


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          Good luck to the young woman, Many years ago ,i visited a factory, whom we sub contracted to, during my look around, i noticed a young woman doing really delicate work & fast, On remarking to the foreman about her , he said she is a better worker at this trade, than her dad, that is him over there,But dont tell him we think she is better than him ! That particular craftsman was held in the highest esteem by all who mentioned his name, If a lady craftsperson puts her mind to it the result is always exemplary, Also about 30 years ago where i worked we had a blacksmith, I did not rate him top notch, during a visit a young girl being shown round, asked if she could have a go at forging one of the components he was working on, ( she would be about16 years of age ) Our blacksmith derisoraly said you working that? -- Story continues the young lady had the big Massey hammer talking & going through loops lovely job quicker & better than the blacksmith could do, It seems the young ladies dad owned a forge Think also on Miss Gleason of the gear cutting firm , who was a genius on gear technology Scripture says encourage one another.


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            Personally, I think she should just assume a anonymous name, even the name of a "man" if she is feeling like people are treating her differently than everyone else here. "I'm NOT KERRY" would be a good one... ha ha..

            I have met several HSM members, some are exactly as they say. Lemme recount, Winchman, Madman, Audrey, THE automachinist from S-georgia I gave the power hacksaw to? and a few more.. Others like IOWOLFIE and Adrian, take a lil getting to know before you succumb to the desire to hunt them down and choke them. Both are good people, just different. THEY sure hated each other thou.

            Have you saw the "dating" sites where everyone is a supermodel? Everyone a genius awaiting patents on everything from toilet paper dispensors to ???

            Of course.. MY ad on the last dating site I was involved in was "Looking for a redhead to pull a plow" which ended with my Marriage to Carrol.. she was a redhead at that time. We have both greyed now. Anyways, I got so many emails I could not answer all of them. A touch of humor and honesty. Hopefully I won't need another.

            What was it this topic was about? Ohh yeah engineers?? I was considered one, before I got all the tattoos..
            Excuse me, I farted.


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              David arent you a moderator on Adrians site? That is when someone is there to moderate.


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                from what i've been told, when Cannondale had the mountain bike factory in Bedford, PA, the employees welding the aluminum frames were all women because they did better welds. that's just what i've been told.

                i'm with most of the other posters, who cares what sex you are, i'm just here to learn and share info, not get dates. of course, i DO want to see another one of those golf ball lift contraptions that The GURL/Kerry/un-named female designs and builds. those are my kinds of projects!!!! i need videos though.

                andy b.
                The danger is not that computers will come to think like men - but that men will come to think like computers. - some guy on another forum not dedicated to machining


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                  Anonymity? That stuff's dangerous! Have you seen what it can do?




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                    Chips.. yes.. I am a moderator on Adrians site in some topics.. we are buddies now. I'd like to think I was friends with Jay *Iowolf too. Either one of those guys could borrow money from me if I had any. A few others here too I have a soft spot for.

                    Winchman there sold me a truck.. which is still running just fine a couple years later. *I gave him a pocketknife. He knew it was a great truck.
                    The truck. it belongs now to a local friend who beat me out of it.. but still a damn good truck. I ain't real mad about that, I'll get even.. eventually.. He got me this time. It'll be my turn next time. That's the way it goes. He sold me this Monza spyder once.. it'd do wheelstands.. so I might just have leveled out.

                    Madman, he and wife came down to visit all the way from Canada.. His wife is such a good cook..

                    Internet friends.
                    Excuse me, I farted.