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  • Results from George Washington machine auction

    Hi All,

    I am still crying and have been since 10 this morning. I didn't post about the auction because of the no sell rules here. Well, the auction is over and I thought some of you might want a brief review. I was unable to go even though it was only 45 miles from me however, the auctioneer had streaming audio on the web so I listened for about an hour before I was crying to much to hear the auction. Now for the results you were waiting for....

    Monarch 10EE $750.00 (I might be off 50.00 on this one)
    Bridgeport turret mills 3 at $700.00 each older machines
    Wells Index turret mill $850.00
    Cincinnati Vertical mill $400.00
    Sydney 16X36 lathe $375.00
    Lodge and Shipley 16x36 $150.00
    Two South Bend 14X20 lathes $250.00 ea.
    Jet 10X30 lathe $1300.00 this one was much newer and quite clean
    NIAGARA 16 gauge x 32" power shear $250.00

    Now for the two that made me bawl like a baby........

    ELOX HRP103 EDM machine $100.00 (yes one hundred dollars)

    Bridgeport series 1 CNC $125.00 (yes one hundred and twenty five dollars)

    This is just a sample there were almost 650 lots and most were selling like this.

    At that point I turned off the computer and sat at my desk stunned. I was unable to do anything for almost an hour then the rest of the day was pretty much a drag. I don't understand the prices but I won't miss another auction in my area period . I can always go and leave if it gets crazy .

    Anyway, I thought some of you might like to share my sorrow.


    Happily working on my second million Gave up on the first

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    Gee! just across the border. wish I'd been there too
    The difficult done right away. the impossible takes a little time.


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      Only trouble is a lot of other people will see the prices and next time they will go up in price!!!
      Thats the whole problem with any kind of sale you have to keep on the ball as to prices etc.
      The story of my life when I want something its in short supply so very expensive and if I want to sell they are 2 a penny thats life!!!

      I have tools I don't know how to use!!


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        Those numbers mean very little when we don't know the condition of the stuff, in the EDM the capacitors could be toast, the series 1 could be cnc only and a fried board or two.

        I was at an auction once where a Nice looking little Okuma went for $1100.00, with chip elevator.2 minor catches,They built an adition onto the loading dock there it was brought in and no way to get it out,It was literaly walled in. and all the tooling was sold after the HMC including the chuck. This was stated at the owners request after the HMC was sold which pissed the new owner off so bad he started cussing at the auctioneer and was removed by the Rent a cops. Tooling brought $2700.00.


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          so where do you go to find out about auctions in your area? I'm near Philadelphia, PA where there are lots of small shops constantly starting up and shutting down so you'd think there's be plenty of auctions... I just don't know where to find out about them.


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            Finding auctions

            Try also most newspapers have one day that the auction ads run. The Philadelphia Inquirer has them on Sat., the Daily Local on Thur.


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                The guy doesn't have a very good reputation, see the thread on Practical Machinist. So without being able to kick the tires, even those prices maybe too high.
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                  Originally posted by ptjw7uk
                  Only trouble is a lot of other people will see the prices and next time they will go up in price!!!


                  So why didnt the last sale effect this one? Or was this the first sale ever to take place?


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                    I dont think you can judge all auction prices, or even auction prices in Washington, from this one.
                    He had old, junky stuff, which he mostly left outside for years, in the middle of nowhere (5 hour drive from civilisation) on a weekday.

                    The thought of spending a day during the week, when I should be working and the kid needed picking up after track, to drive for ten hours, to bid on a 1980's 10" Jet lathe sure didnt rouse me much.

                    Peter, over on PM, got the 10EE for $750- a fair price, considering gas to haul it home, and the uncertainty of its working condition.

                    But beyond that, unless you have a 10,000lb forklift and lots of 3phase, and unlimited room, who, exactly, is gonna bid on a 38' Ekstom Carlson gantry router with 1970's NC controls?

                    I assure you that next time near Seattle there is an auction with late model HAAS machines that have been kept indoors, the prices will stay high, and if you find an Atlas on the Seattle Craigslist, they will still be asking over a grand for it.