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  • Feast your eyes on this!

    Don't know if you folks have seen this or not yet, but it's a link to a restoration project for a 1919 Excelsior 1000cc V-Twin racing motorcycle. Well, actually, it's a reproduction.

    Well, actually, it's a made-from-scratch brand new 1919 Excelsior, based on a few parts and a few grainy old photos and that's it. This guy makes the whole thing from the ground up. Follow the link in the article to see a great website, with gorgeous photos of the build leading up to an immaculate work of art in metal.

    Damn, he does some nice work here. And the explanations are clear as well.

    Purest jealousy.....

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    it is nice work..

    This was on the same page.. Ain't my style but.. some of you older people might like it.
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