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    What's your opinon on Accurite and Newall DRO'S?


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    I have had experience with both and I prefer Newall. Their service is great and the systems seem to be more rugged. Also easier to install in my opinion.


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      Both are very good. I've got an Acu-Rite and like it very much. I think (with little hard data to justify my opinion) that the glass scale of the Acu-Rite may be slightly more accurate than the Newall setup...but even if true, it may be more a theoretical than a practical consideration.

      One real consideration is that the Newall scales are 10" longer than the measurement length, while the Acu-RIte scales are only about 6" longer. In my case, I needed to mount a 24" travel scale on a 30" table, and the Newall wouldn't fit.
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