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OT: Calling for Evans' opinion for the EBM motor

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  • OT: Calling for Evans' opinion for the EBM motor

    A friend told me about a 'new "energy saving/producing motor being made in Canada.
    It's called a EBM and is another perpetual motion machine to me.
    He sent me to this You-Tube video.
    It is interesting, but I have never heard of it..

    Your kind thoughts Evan ?

    Green Bay, WI

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    Bow down before Evan


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      According to their web site the motor produces more energy than it consumes.

      If that is true then millions of scientific experiments as well as every day practical experience is somehow wrong. Of course the more likely answer is that what they are claiming is wrong.

      It's a classic "over unity" "free energy" scam.
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        Purest BS.

        No doubt there's serious scientific R&D in the background but what I''ve seen in the video looks like a synchronus reactor, a gadget once used for power factor correction on a large scale. Most every large motor used in industry are of synchronus design having a poled wound armature. The exitation to the armature is tweaked to correct local distribution power factor closer to unity. Once large distribution switchyards had synchronus reactor that ran without mechanical load but whose rotating field was adjusted to improve the powerfactor in the distribution service area. If a distribution network consumes 1500 megawatt hours per day, an improvement of 20% in power factor results in that much more sellable power with no need to increase generating capacity or the size of the transmission line and switchgear.

        It's not "free power" it's ressurrected power. The same result is sought but with different components when builders of rotary phase converters fine tuned them with phase shifting capacitors.

        I don't know the reason for that load of hokum in the video. I suspect a stock offering scam. It's an utter distortion of the realities of large scale power distribution It sensationalizes what is old science and technology, long since covered in metaphorical dust and gray hairs and used in classroom examples to torment EE undergrads forcing them to generate acres of paper convered with mathematics and phasor diagrams.

        Large synchronus reactors are fabulously expensive and being mechanical require periodic maintenence. Powerfactor correction is handled differently now. Maybe someone will chime in who can elucidate these points with authortiy.
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          I don't need much authority to answer this. Just drive 30 minutes north of here to find the capacitor station that serves three 500kv lines to Vancouver and points south.

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            Rich."there ain't no such thing as a free lunch." that applies to physics as well as economics.


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              The general nature of power lines and loads is to be inductive.

              That means current lags voltage....

              The net effect is that energy is sent out, and part of it is "temporarily stored" in the inductive reactance of the load/line.

              Then later in the cycle, it must be again absorbed by the generator, wasting power.

              All parts of the transmission line system must be sized to carry the 'real" power plus the reactive power. That gets expensive, the same equipment could provide more actual kilowatts, if the "kiloVARs' could be avoided.

              Using capacitors can "tune" out the inductive reactance, because capacitive and inductive reactance have exactly opposite effects..... If you "tune" the system close to resonance at 60 Hz (50 for you odd folks), the reactive parts are canceled, leaving only "resistive" effects. That is equal to a "high power factor".

              Then all the amperes sent out correspond to actual "watts", and not "VARs" (volt-amperes reactive). The "VARs are why you cannot measure power in most situations by measuring current and voltage and multiplying. You have to take phase angle into account.*

              There is no "free energy", there is just a reduction in losses. Paid for by the cost of added 'fixed plant".

              Nothing "over unity", the only "unity" involved is getting the power factor up close to 'one".

              * Power is always volts x amps, but the high current in an inductive circuit such as a motor, occurs later in the cycle, when voltage is lower. Therefore, the actual power is lower, the "apparent power" can be much higher, and is what you get by multiplying the volts you read by the current you read.

              if you add capacitors, they pull current AHEAD of voltage, so they cancel out the motor "lagging" current, bringing the net current to "in-phase", as it is in a resistor.
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              Keep eye on ball.
              Hashim Khan


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                Hey J, thanks for the write up...
                Rusty..totally agree with you
                Forrest and Evan.
                Yeah , I agree it is pure BS.
                As a retired engineer, it never stops amazing me about how people believe some of the BS out there.
                I had a discussion with another friend, who told me About a "New" way of creating hydrogen so we could have a more friendly envirionment
                by splitting out the hydrogen from water using a catalyst and electricity.
                Then when the Hydrogen was used in a "cell" and recombined with water, greater power resulted..
                I shook my head..
                The only possible way such a thing would work, is if the 'catalyst" was consumed in the processs. such a transaction is possible, because the conservation of energy principles we know are SUPLIMENTED by the consumption of the Catalyst ( mass-> energy -> mass)
                Now if you include the energy creation (etc) of the catalyst ( mining ,refining,purification), the net sum is zero in energy gain.
                This is the whole falicey of the ethanol fiasco.

                The thing I noticed in the video, and every other one as well, is that we never see a graph, showing energy to start the thing, and energy output.

                Last I had a guy who wanted me to make him a motor that he said would take over the world, and create energy.
                He wanted to take a DC motor with PM field, and use it turn a DC motor (generator) with 'wound fields". The wound fields would create (his words) free electricity, since the PM field that helped the motor did not require power
                ergo, the armatures cancelled each other out and the difference was free electrons.

                And these people vote !

                Green Bay, WI