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  • Tool gloat for a hillbilly

    Does a 78 chevy one ton wrecker count? I have been wanting one for years. Lifting lathes and other machinery from auctions. It's a lot more stable than the 4wd is.. pulls less possibly thou. That old 4wd granny will pull down a house. Wrecker is a granny4 too tho, just no 4wd-low.

    I swapped Nadine the 52 chevy fleetline for it and a equipment trailer. Motor & clutch is kinda tired but I got two small block chevys built now.

    I possibly can retire the 77-4wd w/boom on back.. Sell it for a rock climber or woods truck? or? It is running on two or three cylinders now. It was slated to get a engine and still may too. It has been dependable as a yard truck.

    I just rolled the wrecker into the shop. Heavy rain tomorrow so I'll be working inside on it if possible.

    Add to that... I just traded a russian night vision device for a rammer-dammer wrecker bumper.. weighs about 200+ pounds.. (counter weight?) I can waddle and tote it.. 1/4" thick in places, grille guard is 1/2"x 2" Needs a electric winch-2x2 socket in the front of it to be perfect..
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    David.. good score!!! I'd love a wrecker here. I've got a lot of big heavy street bikes that are almost impossible to move without a wrecker.
    That'd make my day...
    I have tools I don't even know I own...


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      Thats when you know you have a serious machine tool addiction

      Nice score ... I've been thinking I should start doing homework on a trailer of my own.


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        I would love to see some pics... It sounds like fun.. And plenty stout enough to pick up what you need to. Gotta love having a portable crane. As I get older I just cant pick up what I used to, still try, then hurt. My cherry picker has moved everything I own but a lift truck is oh so nice!!!! Good for you David!!!!!! JR
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          THE 4wd AS home shop modified:

          THE 4wd, after mucho thoughts and changes.. it went from being welded to the front bumper, which lifted quite a few 1000lb items and finally tore out when trying to pull with a chain on the lift eye, to bolted to the rear step bumper, now in a rotary on the back. I was planning on putting a flat bed onto the truck I have bought. Rotary is 1/2"thick round welded to pipe in ID of other pipe welded into a channel, tied to frame.. steel rollers under round plate were planned, now a flatbed is..

          Bumper is near 14 guage.. my weld held.. bumper failed.

          THIS did not kill it, but you see how I misused it.

          OLD 4wd's.. worth about $300 or so.. pretty shot out, never know when a axle is going to pop.. but around the yard it's okay.. something like a chevy, there are millions of engines around. I had right at $5,000 in Nadine in labor (three harley engines) I swapped for the wheel lift wrecker. Kinda a stiff investment for me.

          THE wrecker is a wheel lift type, I plan on making some forks like a fork truck for it, and redoing the wheel lift. THE boom is a single boom, all hydraulic. THE old DOdge I had here before had a more HOME SHOP likeable holmes 330? twin boom mechanical winch (off pto) bed.. you could hook one boom on one side to anchor the truck, and lift a enormous amount with the other side (booms pivot). PULLING a car from a ravine, same way. A truck only weighs so much and it can drag if the car hangs up. Unloading a wrecked bike or quad from a truck? the boom pivots and you don't have to move it around, just keep the truck idling.

          A boom type wrecker is about $1500 used up.. HEAVY, so gas mileage will really suck. I calculate this one at 7,000lbs... THE boom types have been outlawed off the roads in most areas. Cars without real bumpers make them near useless anyways.

          IF you are lucky, have a level playing field, and a fork truck? build you a boom that slides up onto the forks.. miles ahead of me.. We had a basket on two pieces of 20' rect tubing that slid up onto the forks.. we could work 20 feet over equipment in plants with that rig.. but turning a forktruck.. man does it get fast in the cage on the end of it. I live on the side of a ridge, a fork truck would roll over here.
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            Upgraded today..

            Proof if it sits still too long, someone will set something on it.. and use it.. Doc sat this bead blaster up.. and left it.

            New Damm-her-ram-her bumper I traded a russian night vision device for.. $60 invested..

            Here's the "magic" motor in vehicle #8.. had it since the late 70's now got scat rods instead of the good ones that were stolen by speed shop.. I got three #2's back, mismatched junk. Anyways a 1972 4 bolt main 350 now .030 over, flat tops again, 202 valves and a lower aluminum intake this time, with demon 650, Comp Cams mild cam and lifters (this time).. It ought to pull this wrecker just fine.
            This engine got me laid off from a local mill, I pulled out behind plant managers viper, had to hit him or pass him.. this was while the plant was letting out and a couple hundred people saw it.. a nasty old primered 77 Monza Spyder..

            Not cranked it since together.. we'll see if it still is a good un.. this is on it's second build around here.
            Excuse me, I farted.