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OT: Appliance warranties

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  • OT: Appliance warranties

    Our washer/drier combo crapped out last week (2 years old) and the repairman said it was the "transmission", I didn't know washers had one, It was out of warranty and guess what, expensive to fix, cheaper to buy new.

    He sent us to a different repair company, believe it or not he didn't charge us for the service call, because they specialized in this model (name withheld because I'm pissed off at them) and told us that the transmission was made by a third party manufacturer and may have a "back end" manufacturers warranty on that part, Guess what, it did, good for 10 years. We still have to pay for installation but it's cheaper than buying another one.

    So if your hard earned, but crappy modern quality household equipment goes on you there may be a recourse for you. It's seems that stuff craps out faster and faster everyday.

    Rant over.
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    Yup, good news is, if you have a F***** and P*****, the motors are actually stepper motors and make damn fine wind generators. You may even be able to CNC drive a bridgeport if you can find 3 dead washing machines.
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