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  • Gear Cutting

    Couple weeks back I asked and got a lot of advise on cutting gears. Took the information I derived from it as best I could understand it and ordered a cutter from MSC. When it came it was not the correct one. So rather than buy all the cutters MSC has I turned this cutter blank out on my lathe, cut the teeth on the mill and then cut the gear. I'm pretty well satisfied with this one. riceone.

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    nicely done!

    I need to make up a few here pretty soon too.


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      Nice work riceone,

      Not made any my self but like snowman, I am working toward that as a few are needed in a project.


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        This is a Japanese Mortar gear and I doubt there is a cutter avaliable for it unless custom made. I have made several using a fly cutter but never could get the teeth to look right. I cut the profile of the cutter on the lathe and then cut the teeth with the mill. Worked out much better. Now I need to make a new borach for the center hole. riceone