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  • OT: pocket knife recommendation

    Ok so this is a bit OT, I'll admit -- but I'm willing to bet 90% of
    you kids out there carry a pocket knife or have one in the truck.

    Its time for a new one and I'm looking for recommendations.

    I've been carrying a fixed blade in the truck, a Gerber "Freeman" --
    its been a good knife but the blade is too wide -- must be a skinning
    knife? also, its an SS blade and I've always been partial to carbon


    carry a leatherman on me most of the time -- the Core .. its a handy
    tool.. unfortunately I've been through 3 already (always need to
    do something when I'm away from my tools).. they're good for just
    about anything except.. well.. cutting.

    I'm willing to spend a bit if its a quality product.


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    I'll be watching this thread, like you I dislike stainless blades, though I had one that was a great knife and held an edge like you wouldn't believe.

    Last few knives I've carried were shopbuilt, about evenly mixed folders and straight blades. Only reason for changing is that what I need or want in a knife changes. Every commercially available knife I look at has features I like, mixed with features I don't so I can't justify buying one. ( I look at knives expecting to carry them for 20 years or so)



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      Maybe I'm wrong but, I look at my daily carry pocket knife a little differently than most. I use the heck out of it for whittling, box cutting, wire stripping, finger nail scraping, and even burring mild steel. I usually just go to the K Mart and get a few of the $3 el-cheepos when they are on sale, and I might sharpen them once or twice if they aren't too bad, but then I pitch it and get me a brand new one out of my sox drawer and "bingo" I'm good to go again. Nothing ticks me off like breaking the tip on an expensive pocket knife.
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        I've still got the Buck I bought in the Navy in '66 but with a blade longer than..what is it now, 1.75"?.. I can't carry it in my pocket.

        Which leads me to steer about 2 degrees off course with the thread;
        It may not come as a surprise that I and others here appreciate mechanisms and mechanical devices.
        I have a carry permit and own several pistols. (MERELY stating a fact, not trolling for opinions!)

        If I can carry a -firearm- WHY can I not (legally) even own, let alone carry a automatic knife?
        The paranoid distortion of events that lead to the Sullivan law and other edged weapon restrictions rings a tad ludicrous in '08, no?
        Pull one out now & you're more likely to either get shot or have a good laugh than cause any real harm to others.

        IF I were so inclined I might pose a threat to the civilized world with my machinery and actually fabricate such a device. Talk about unleashing mayhem and loosing the dogs of war!
        Rant off.


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          I've got a "Swiss army knife" with a moderate selection of gadgets that I find handy. The blades aren't as good as some of my older carbon-steel knives, but having a Phillips screwdriver, a couple of regular screwdrivers, tweezers, etc. more than makes up for it.
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            I am never without an Opinel in my pocket. I use it many times a day -- for cutting down signs mounted on utility poles, for cooking, opening envelopes, etc. Opinels are cheap, come in many sizes, and are available in either stainless (INOX) or carbon. All Opinel knives lock the blade with an ingeniously-simple cylindrical cam.

            Mine is the No. 8, shown here. It measures 4.25" closed.

            Allan Ostling

            Phoenix, Arizona


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              as a matter of fact, for quite a few years, my favorite was... hold
              on have to look this up... swiss army Centurion. big lock blade, great
              size, screwdriver -- god knows what the awl was really for but damn
              it was sharp. maybe its time for another one?

              don't know how I happened across this -- looks like a good knife,
              but no longer available:


              doesn't look too hard to make either.



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                I carry a Puma Stockman 675 purchased on the day I got married as a rememberance. It's carbon and requires you treat it nice but I wouldn't trade it for anything else. In 1970 I paid close to $65 for it. Now it sells for $68 !! Did the guy at the sporting goods store see me coming or what? This baby has seen more pizza duty in cheap restaurants that serve with plastic silverware than you can imagine. I have an overbite and people recreate watching me eat pizza with my hands.

                I also have a German made Browning Lockback Folder hunting knive that I like a lot. I take it to wedding receptions and such when I know I might be patted down at the door and don't want to be caught with my heater !!

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                  This came up on the PM site some time back. This was my 2c worth.......
                  For working knives the Swedish laminated blade (high carbon layer between mild steel) will take a lot of beating, I was introduced to them by a fisherman off Iceland who claimed that with one he could gut cod all day & still shave with it in the morning !!
                  The top two in the pic are these type, the larger with a handle modified with needle hitching.
                  For a pocket knife (here I agree with aostling), cheap & cheerful but none the worse for that are the French made Opinel, carbon steel & takes & keeps a very good edge. (3rd from top)
                  If you really must have a stainless blade (for me 'stainless steel knife' is kin to 'Military Intelligence', 'Journalistic Integrity' & 'Honest Lawyer' then the 12C27 stainless by Laguiole are OK for 'Sunday Best'

                  What you say & what people hear is not always the same thing.


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                    Try one of the folding utility knives. I carried old Timers and Bucks for years and also started with the leatherman when they were introduced. A few years back I got one of the folding utility knives and I'm not going back. You have all the blades that are available for a regular utility knife in a smaller folding package. Kill the edge deburring a part, no problem just reverse of flip in a new one. Need a hook blade, they make em, cheap. Lately I have been toting one of the lowes kobalt brand, a little more bulky but it stores five additional bladed in the handle. I still carry the leatherman but almost never use the knife blades, just the pliers and screwdrivers.


                    Hello, my name is brian and I'm a toolaholic.


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                      case is still u.s. made and they have some carbon steel models. queen out of n.y. is u.s. made and they use tool steel in their blades.

                      i have a buck wodel 3793 stockman it is a s.s. knife holds a good edge. one gripe i have with it is it is made in china. now i would not have it but i won it at a shooting match.


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                        You Guys Sure Are Fancy..

                        You guys sure are fancy.. I got a Sheffield folder that takes the razor blades. A box of blades is a few bucks. Knife is about three years old, or however long it was Winchman got my first one.

                        I used to carry the buck 401.. but then it was outlawed and I still can vote so I quit carrying it.

                        I still collect them.. I got this Colt dagger, when I pick it up, my eyes sparkle.. And a Marine Kabar that was used in vietnam by a special forces guy I know, and A huge BOWIE made in England and would take all your toes off if you dropped it. THen there are the meat cleavers, I got five or six, the largest will quarter a deer in about twenty seconds.. Chop kindling or??
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                          I've been carrying one of these for a few years. Nice one handed operation and gets a lot of interest from others every time I whip it out. I wish I could say that about other things..............



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                            Make your own. I've made a couple from scratch and its really not that difficult.


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                              You say Pocket knife, then you mention Leatherman.

                              For 30 years I haven't used a pocket knife, Iwore a swiss Champ in the Navy and for a few years after, then I started wearing a leatherman, and for the Past few years I have a Leatherman Wave on my hip.