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Bet you've never done this before! -OT

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  • Bet you've never done this before! -OT

    Check it out ...


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    Whew! I'll admit I tighten right up just watching it.
    "People will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time they will pick themselves up and carry on" : Winston Churchill


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      I sent that to my nephew a few days ago. As a mountain climber, I thought he might like it. He replied that he'd been there, last year.

      For sure, this is the worst sidewalk in the whole world. The potholes!
      Allan Ostling

      Phoenix, Arizona


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        Tea, anyone?


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          Wow!Did you guys see that curved spoke handwheel?
          I just need one more tool,just one!


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            Found a photo on wikopedia that gives a decent perspective on the first trail:

            I wouldn't be bothered to walk either either trail, used to wash windows in SF, and walked steel for a few years. Only thing that would realy bother me is the cable car ride on the tea house trail!

            Oddly, I have no problem climbing treesa, running around on steel or rafters, towers, roofs, hanging scaffold etc, but get me on a ladder and I can't keep my knees still.



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              I've never been there. I took these pictures in the Pinnacles in Arizona though.

              The target to climb:

              From the top looking down:

              You get used to the altitude after a couple of minutes. It just takes a while for the visual centers in your brain to adjust to the perspective.
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                Not sure I'd do it, certainly would'nt be stepping on the edge of the pot holes like that. Makes you wonder how some of them were made.
                Cheers, Bob


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                  Originally posted by Quetico Bob
                  Makes you wonder how some of them were made.
                  Cheers, Bob
                  that was my thought, walking on the stuff is trivial compared to building the forms and getting all concrete in there. Beautiful scenery. It reminds me of taking a train once from the south of Spain to Barcelona. It went through some incredible mountainous areas, the look out the window there's nothing below you stuff, wonder if that was the same region
                  in Toronto Ontario - where are you?


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                    Here's one for ya ...

                    The late Dan Osman, the king of speed climbing so they say. 400ft vertical climb free style in under 5 minutes.

                    He died doing what he loved. Check it out:


                    It should work, I just uploaded it. Let me know if there are problems. You can also see more on YouTube, etc.

                    "To invent you need a good imagination and a pile of junk" Thomas Edison

                    Better to have tools you don't need than to need tools you don't have

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                      I think this in Japan not China. They were speeding Japanees (Nihongo) in the video. I speak, write, and read it as well as any native speaker, just so long as the native speaker is one or two years old and a little slow. Gary P. Hansen
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                        Nihongo. (日本語)

                        It is in china, just a Japanese show did a story on it and the girl chickened out halfway.

                        I would have too...

                        Remember, its not the fall that kills you...

                        Its that sudden stop at the end!


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                          I could never do that sorry no head for heights .Alistair
                          Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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                            Some years back (4 or 6) I watched a TV program that was several hours of dangerous, amazing stunts. One was a film made by some guy who jumped from high cliff somewhere in the Himalayans (as I recall). His launch point was the top of a sheer, verticle face, about a gazillion feet high. He had a camera mounted in a helmet, and was to freefall about a half-gazillion feet before deploying the chute.

                            Well, unfortunately he didn't correctly anticipate or calculate the effect of the weight of that helmet/camera, and/or winds, and immediately flipped upside down. His trajectory carried him in much closer to the face than planned, but he did survive, though barely.

                            But my point is, the image that film presented was the most real, lifelike I've ever seen. I think anyone with a weak heart seeing that would be at great risk of a heart attack. I was literally trembling and in a cold sweat, even tho the narrative preceding the footage had revealed that he did survive. I hope I never see that film again.
                            Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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                              Originally posted by Evan
                              I've never been there. I took these pictures in the Pinnacles in Arizona though.

                              This is my neck of the woods. I was in the Chiricahuas two weeks ago. Did our paths almost cross?
                              Allan Ostling

                              Phoenix, Arizona