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Small run steel foundry...anyone?

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  • Small run steel foundry...anyone?

    I am looking for a foundry that will do small runs of steel (not cast iron, 1018 or lower carbon preferred) lost-wax castings for me. I was all set to work with a small foundry in San Martin California but communications stopped and now I'm back to square one.

    I have a local foundry that I use for bronze castings, but need some things in steel as well. I was supposed to be able to get waxes from my local guy and send them to the California foundry, and it would be ideal if I could still do that using a new place.

    I checked the Thomas Register a bit, but figured I'd ask the collective members here to see about cutting to the chase a little.

    Any input would be welcomed....even any "keywords" to look for when searching for a place....I was told that I'd be looking for an "art-house" foundry, or one with and induction furnace.

    Thanks all,


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    John, There is-was a foundry in south Sac. and one in Lodi and one in Vallejo weather or not they do steel I don,t know. But why would wan't a foundry in Ca if you are on the wrong coast?



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      Steve, I was referred to a foundry out West by a guy in my field who used them, but they were out of my range "minimum run-wise". They in turn suggested the foundry in San Martin...and that's where it's ended thus far.

      I figure I will probably have to box up and ship the waxes somewhere anyway....but if anyone can point me in a more local direction that would be nice too.



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        Try Boulder River Foundry, PO Box 1048, Big Timber, MT 59011, (406) 932-6540. No connection with them, visited their shop a few weeks ago while in Big Timber to pick up some stuff from a friend. They do the castings for Shiloh Sharps and a number of other outside folks.

        David Kaiser
        Montezuma, IA
        David Kaiser
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          You'll be stuck in Lodi, again.

          Google never ceases to amaze me. I used the keywords "Foundry Lodi, California" and came up with the link to several in Lodi and in Caifornia in general.

          I live in a place called Wilton, California which is still rural and is about 15 miles from Lodi. Wilton is about 30 miles from Sacramento and is in Sacramento County. Lodi is a little farther North and is in San Joaquin County. I'm really close to what was called "The Mother Lode" of gold and silver.

          For some reason, at the time of the Gold Rush, Lodi became a center of manufacturing of the metal objects needed by the mining industry. That would have been hydraulic water monitors, railroad locomotive parts and winch pulleys. There was also an abundance of ores such as iron, copper and lead in the area, no doubt uncovered by the early miners in their lust to become rich. Thus, there were several foundries located in the area.

          About 20 years ago, I took a trip through one of the iron foundries in Lodi with a friend who builds miniature steam engines, the size that you ride on and which are often found in amusement parks. He used the foundry for his wheel, backhead and boiler cover castings. They were grey iron as I recall. The same place also had long-standing contracts for sewer lids.

          So you might give some of the companies in the link a call. We're happy to have your business over here. We need all the money we can get.

          Here's your link, sir!


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            You might give Lee Valley Tools a call. They advertise that some of their Victorian reproduction cabinet hardware is lost wax cast steel.
            Duffy, Gatineau, Quebec


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              Thanks for the replies guys...I'll make some calls in the morning and see what happens.