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OT: AVG anti virus... still gonna be free?

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  • OT: AVG anti virus... still gonna be free?

    AVG is telling me its not gonna be supported after 5/31, and I MUST sign up for version 8 ---- which of course they want $55 for!

    Are they discontinuing the 'free' version? I really like this program, I guess if are not gonna offer it free anymore, I may have to buy it...

    I SURE dont wanna go back to Norton or Mcafee
    If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something........

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    Stiil Free

    I had to do a little looking to find it; but I upgraded our computers to version 8.0.100 free yesterday. The claim was it was supposed to be faster; but that doesn't seem to be so, yet anyway.



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      Hi Bill.

      The best thing to do is search for "AVG free" using google.
      Include the quotes and the page is top of the list.


      It's worth noting that you might want to turn off Linkscanner. This is a new part of AVG that checks each and every website you go to.

      Personal experience was that it slowed internet browsing down to a crawl with some, though not all, web pages timing out.

      Just personal experience, you may find it different.

      Good luck with it.
      Just cause it works, don't mean you can't improve it


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        5 years with no virus scanner on my computers and have had no problems.

        Now Im not hanging out at cracker, porn and pirate sites I never need a virus scanner.

        It seems now days viruses are much less of a threat.


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          It's still free.

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            I keep getting a popup from them, but every time I get through the maze to the 46 M free download it hangs up about halfway through, POS. PCMAG.COM has a link for the free version 8 you might try.


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              So,--- I suppose I should delete the current 7.5 version I have , and then download it fresh?
              If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something........


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                A friend back east was just telling me about some problem with AVG,
                but I'm still using 7.5.524 with no problems. He said a Program
                AVAST is a freebe that he and some others back there are using now
                in place of AVG with good results. If I have any problem I'll try it.
                "If it aint broke dont fix it. " is a moto I try to live by. :-)


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                  I use ClamAV on my mail servers for years but there's also a Windows client for it for folks who don't run a server. It's completely free:

         for the AV vendor
         for Windows port


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                    Just run the upgrade, it will uninstall the old version and install the new by itself.



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                      Marketing issue, the free version is still there, just hard to find.
                      They want you to buy the full version
                      Make sure "free" is in the download program words


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                        I finally found the "free" version.... as Rich says its a bit difficult to find, had to go at it from several ways.

                        Good sized program, didnt notice the megs, but took about 30mins to download with DSL.
                        If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something........


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                          I use AVG, but I have not had any messages concerning the non-support or anything else about it.

                          They DID send me some warning back a while when 7.5 came out, and this exact same question came up.

                          Wonder why they haven't this time.....?

                          Keep eye on ball.
                          Hashim Khan


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                            I'm running Avast on one of my computers and AVG on the other 3. One thing that I like about Avast or AVG is updates - Avast just gives me a voice message saying it's been upgraded. AVG downloads upgrades and you have to wait a few seconds. I'll look to upgrade to the free version of AVG as it's just easier and I'm lazy Even with AVG - one of my computers picked up a nasty Trojan virus - had to have everything re-loaded. That came from Limewire that my son downloaded - he's been told not to do that again