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    I recently picked up an MM10 (Very similar to the MM12) Meteor Drill Grinder from one of our plants. It has the adjustable chuck instead of the collets and a CBN wheel. It appears to be in good shape but did not have a manual. Since my searches had turned up nothing on the operations of this machine; I contacted Novatech as they are showing up as the distributor of these machines. The reply I received from NovaTech quoted US$50 for a PDF copy of the Meteor Grinder Manual! They must be pretty proud of that manual!

    Meteor MM12 Drill Grinder

    Without knowing what was in the manual I did not want to spend that amount of money so I requested a copy of the Index or Table of Contents. I received no information about that but I did get a quote for a paper copy - $75! I don’t mind paying for a manual, but I have seen enough poor ones that I would not buy it without knowing what it contains.

    It appears that it is designed to only grind 'flat' reliefs on the tools. One item I haven't figured out is how to do an accurate index to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th,... flute after sharpening the first. There is a microscope built in with cross hairs that may work but it seems for the money this machine should have had a more positive index scheme. Other questions would be about multi-facet sharpening and web thinning.

    If any one has any info about the manual or operating techniques for the grinder that they would be willing to share it would be appreciated?


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    For 50 bucks you can afford to ruin a lot of drills figuring out how it works on your own.

    Bob, check for a private message.
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      Bob some of these guys selling knock of brochures with a photocopier are ripping people off and making a mint tel them to bugger off .I was quoted $90 for a photocopy of a manual for my lathe by tonys lathe site and eventually got one for NIL.Alistair
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        I have a Meteor drill grinder, but after looking at the link you provided mine is much older, although it does show some family resemblance. On mine the drills are held in a collet, or more like a chuck, its adjustable for diameter. The collet/chuck fits into a turnable ring that that has couple detents to position it for the flutes. As far as I can tell it can only do 2 flute drills.

        The largest drill mine will hold is 1/8", or probably the nearest metric size. I have sharpened several drills in the #60-#80 range. It does seem to work.