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  • Posting pictures with photobucket

    First go to and create an account. They will email you a confirmation link. Visit that link to activate your account.

    You will need to scan prints or load your digital images to your computer. They should be resized using the PhotoBucket resize option or your photo editing software to about 700 pixels wide or less and saved as jpg files. Photos more that 700 pixels will cause the text to stretch out, requiring people to scroll across the page to read the post. When you save as a jpg file you usually have the option to save at different quality levels. Avoid using high quality level as the file size increases greatly and it adds little to a picture this size.

    Here is a useful item for preparing pictures for display on the forum:

    Go here and download and install the free image resizer Powertoy for XP (only).
    After it is installed you can right click on any image file in Windows Explorer (or My Computer) and it will have a "Resize image" item on the menu. You can resize 1 or as many as you wish in one go. It generates perfect size photos for posting here using the "Small" selection. It doesn't touch the original but makes a new copy in the same folder using the same name with "small" or "medium" etc appended to it. You can even resize photos when you are adding them to e-mails as attachments if you forgot to do it earlier.

    Another method of resizing your photos:

    You can use Microsoft Paint, which is on all Windows computers, to resize the image. In the menus, IMAGE | ATTRIBUTES will tell you the present size of the image in pixels. But don't change the size there. Use IMAGE | STRETCH/SKEW and enter a percentage that will reduce it to 700 pixels wide or less. This will allow it to fit on almost all computer screens.

    When you have your images ready, log on to your PhotoBucket account. There you will see a page with a box in the middle that is labeled "Add Picture" with a button beside it labeled "Browse". The Browse button allows you to look on your computer for the image you wish to upload to photobucket. When you find it select it with the mouse and click the "Open" button. Then, on the PhotoBucket page, check the "keep my picture names" box if you wish. Click the "Submit" button. This will upload your picture to your image gallery on PhotoBucket.

    The picture will appear as a thumbnail and below the thumbnail is a link to the picture. Click in the link to place the cursor there and press CTRL and "A" at the same time to highlight the link. Then right click with the mouse and select "copy".

    Now you can create a new post in this forum and insert the link by right clicking and selecting "Paste".

    There are four links or addresses below each picture on PhotoBucket. The URL can be copied and pasted into a post but it will need to be clicked to allow a new browser window to open and show the picture. The picture will appear in the post if the IMG is copied and pasted into the post and the reader will not need to click and wait.

    That's it. If you wish to create a link to the entire gallery then copy the link to PhotoBucket (your gallery) in the web browser address bar and paste it into the posting.

    How to post links to images “manually”:

    The BBS uses a modification of HTML called UBB code, or in this case Vb code. The [img] tag is used for images and looks like this:


    In this example you of course replace the URL with the one that points to where your image is stored. Also, in this example the [noparse] directive (the brackets in red) is used to prevent the interpretation of the [img] tag, which would not allow the example to be seen. Do not use these inner brackets in your link. The form should be; []photo link[]

    It is important that the entire command string have no spaces.

    Use this thread to post any "tests" that may be required to perfect the process.
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    You also missed that if you have a PhotoBucket account and click on a photo in your gallery a full page view comes up with a variety of processing options including - along the top edge of the image panel - you guessed it - Resize, no need for other stuff then,


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      The forum software condenses long URLs so they don't extend across the screen. That's what the ellipses in the middle mean. When you copy and paste from the screen you don't actually copy the entire URL.

      The full URL is this:

      added Feb 11 2010

      TIP on Searching this forum:

      Use Google site specific search. Example: to search for the term "derusting" enter this in the Google search bar:

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        George, If you give (not necessarly "recomend") a program to
        size and compress pictures, I can strongly recomend including
        Irfanview. It is free and very easy to use. I've been using it for
        a bunch of years. There are a lot of "plug-ins" but none of them are
        needed to do the basic things with a picture.
        It would also be helpful to show how to generate the IMG link so
        a persons private "home page" can be used as the image hosting
        location. ( I did this before I started using Photo Shop) .
        Keep up the good work.


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          I couldn't agree more, IrfanView is excellent, the batch processing facilities are great, you can take a whole set of photos & produce a resized set for web use, for one off's PhotoBucket does have a resize tool,


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            One additional correction. Photobucket evolves and has added a fourth tag under each picture. The IMG tag that you want is now the fourth, not the third.

            There are many ways to resize the images. The important thing is to actually do it. Use whichever one you like.
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              This is is a test

    [email protected]/3769203633/

              Any idea on whether you can post from Flickr, i guess not asit isn't a direct link to an image, so can't be embedded??
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                Originally posted by Stuart Br
      [email protected]/3769203633/

                Any idea on whether you can post from Flickr, i guess not asit isn't a direct link to an image, so can't be embedded??
                Even though that link is to an image display page the link to the image itself is easily accessed:-

                Firefox: right-click image, click 'Copy image location' to get the image address into the clipboard.

                Internet Explorer: right-click image, click 'Properties', triple-click or otherwise select the address(URL), right-click (to get the copy paste menu), and click 'Copy' to get image address into the clipboard.



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                  Formatting assistance (per request)

                  First some text explaining what this is, then a couple of line spaces with the enter key...

                  Then paste in the link for the first image using one more line space between this caption and the link:

                  Another line space to separate this caption from the last and one more after this caption to give some white space around the image:

                  Same thing again:

                  Another couple of line spaces and a closing comment goes here.

                  Nice looking shop.
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                      If I have understood correctly here, I can not upload pictures to this forum.

                      I can link to photos stored elsewhere, such as Photobucket or Picasa, only.

                      I can't just upload from my computer and have them stored on this site, correct?

                      If that's true, I have to ask, why?

                      Most of the time, any photo linked to photobucket over about 2 years old, is broken. When people move their photos around, the links no longer point to the right place. This is inevitable.

                      That means that loss of reference pictures is inevitable. Why is that SOP here? Is it a cost thing?



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                        I can link to photos stored elsewhere, such as Photobucket or Picasa, only.

                        I can't just upload from my computer and have them stored on this site, correct? If that's true, I have to ask, why?
                        Because this site is heavy on pictures. If you were able to upload the pictures here they would greatly slow down the server here. The load would increase by a factor of at least 100, perhaps as much as 1000.
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                          I cant seem to find the right link in photo bucket to place the image in the message. Any pointers? I copy and pasted the link next to "img". Is there something I need to modify to include the image?


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                            on the smaller picture ..the thumbnail

                            when you mouse over it ..a gear cog appears in the right hand top of the smaller picture

                            mouse over the gear cog and another menu appears ..choose get links press left mouse button ..and then the links appear

                            there are four types of links,
                            mouse over the bottom one that says "IMG codes"

                            click left mouse once and the link will be copied automatically

                            all the best...markj


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                              Excellent! thanks for the help markj!