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Dumb crook video.. FUNNY..

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  • Dumb crook video.. FUNNY..
    Excuse me, I farted.

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    I don't know if that is true or not, looks real, either way it sure gave me a chuckle.


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      Thats too funny. No short supply of idiots willing to screw themselves up while trying to screw someone else. I loved how he took out his partner then himself.. Morons.... JR
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        Seeing that ricochet reminded me of this:

        Not as funny, but the guns guys here might find it interesting.
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          It appears to be fake. The first rock bounces well above the head of the "accomplice".

          Also, the actual frames in the video are far fewer than the video frame rate which indicates they have been edited on a frame by frame basis.
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            Start at the bottom, then finish up at the top...

            Chuck :You guessed it! I'm a computer program. But you just won $25 off your radiator for figuring that out. The coupon code is 40310. Call Hank now at 800-248-8720 and I promise a REAL person will answer in less than 20 seconds! Or I can have Hank call you back in a minute - what's your phone number and the area code? You :CAN I TEXT A REAL PERSON? Chuck :Thank you. We'll always be here whether you need a radiator or just free advice. You can call us if you prefer at 800-248-8720. Bye! You :FART Chuck :No problem-- We've been here 20 years, and aren't satisfied till you are. If you'd like, I can put a note in our system, so if you decide to make us your last call, we'll know to beat any price you find. What's your first name? You :SAME CANNED RESPONSES Chuck :I could sell this to you but the was a little tricky. Your best bet is speaking to Hank, our lead technician (or one of his techs), - he usually figures out the right radiator the first time. He's on the phone now but I can have him call you back in a minute - what's your phone number and the area code? Chuck :There are a couple of different radiators, ranging in price between $99.00 and $299.00. All run about 1/3 what the dealer charges. Hold on -- Chuck :Good. We deliver into Tunnel Hill every day, so we can get that part out to you as soon as you need it. Let me pull up the price here-- You :30755 Chuck :Your price is coming. Looks like that is a really complicated fit. I'll just quote you the most likely 1 of the 3 possible parts -- Or you're welcome to talk to one of our techs to be 100% sure. What's your Zip Code and how soon would you need it? You :THIS IS THE SAME CANNED RESPONSES I GOT LAST NIGHT Chuck :good. We carry top quality aftermarket suppliers. Do you want quotes on just the radiator -- or installation too? You :
            Chuck :That's no problem, I think we can at least get you a price without that information. Would you prefer quotes on an OE certified or aftermarket radiator? You :YES.. I need hank's phone number.. a ford expert Chuck o you know the engine size? You :
            Chuck :We carry radiators for all types of cars and trucks. What's your make, model, and year?
            Excuse me, I farted.


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              Yup..that video is damm funny stuff. One can only hope it is real!
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                Maybe the guy dropped to the ground like a rock because he thought it was a gun shot, that'd give a rush


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                  I watched that video before, and still not sure whether it is fake.
                  seen many that I know were real (from being there) that the projectile appeared to totally miss the target.

                  watching it, it's either parrelax that makes it look like it missses, or they are extremely good actors and editors because it flows way too well for a you-tube fake.



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                    The trick is in the editing, not the acting. For instance, there is no frame after the one I show that shows the projectile again, only the subject pitching forward to the ground.

                    The dummy supposedly throwing something isn't and the timing is wrong for the sudden appearance of the object bouncing from the window. There is much too much delay from the release to the bounce. The impactee also doesn't act right as his head pitches back at first when it should pitch forward if struck from behind. I have extracted the 10 frames of this part and slowed it down so you can see what is really going on. This video has been edited frame by frame to make it appear as though the persons are struck. It's a pretty good job of editing until you look at the indvidual frames. Note also that the falling dude puts his hands out in the last frame to catch himself.

                    Last edited by Evan; 05-31-2008, 05:41 AM.
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                      Dang Evan:

                      You sure ruin a good time.. I was enjoying thinking a set of crooks got what they deserved...

                      It sure has been quiet around here since I shot that tire out.. A disabled Ga. state patrol was over here yesterday to borrow a night vision camera.. While I was showing him how to use it, his 16 yr old son was teasing my dog, by the time I got outside to stop it, Lex's hair was standing up like a mohawk on his back. He was so angry and wound up I almost had to tranquilize him with the pistol. (note: don't piss off a pitt bulldog)
                      Anyways, the new thing is stealing copper plumbing and wire from under peoples houses.. He has a huge house and someone has been getting under it.
                      The state patrol used to train where I did. One of the honest badge wearers I know.
                      Excuse me, I farted.


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                        Sorry David. It seems that faking videos has become a cottage industry these days. It proves that Einstein was wrong. BS does travel faster than the speed of light.
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