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Trav-A-Dial installation

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  • Trav-A-Dial installation

    I just bought a Trav-A-Dial that I'm going to install on my 19" LeBlond. It should fit nicely on the LH side of the carriage. Although I have and will follow the instructions, are there any tricks/recommendations from those who have done this before?

    TIA: <<Jim>>

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    I would prefer to install on the right hand side - less chance of hot chip hitting it. I made a bracket that is spring loaded to keep tension on mine.



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      Putting the unit on the RH side of the carriage will require moving the threading dial. Not impossible, but much more work. Am thinking of installing some sort of cover over the dial, probably out of Plexiglas, to protect it.



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        Wherever you mount it, be sure that the contact surface will remain clean as the accuracy depends on re-tracing micro-indentations its wheel leaves behind.


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          My thread dial wanted to get in the way also, but I was real leery about putting it on the left because of all the chips/oils/dust, etc that get thrown in that area ... still get some over on the right and ,as Den says, you need to keep an eye on it for the debris.

          Lane pointed me to one, and after scouring ebay for a couple weeks, I got one. I honestly dont know if I could've got it operational without Lanes help, was more involved than I had imagined to get it calibrated! But, I know I sure do LIKE that thing, --

          This is how I made a work-around to get it on the right side and still have a useable thread dial.... this is on a Birmingham 12x36 Chinese lathe, --obviously your lathe may be totally different!

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            Make your mounting bracket so it will extend out past the thread dial.May have to cut a hole are notch to see thread dial. put all holes to mount dial and base per instructions . and even though instruction say to weld bracket , bolting it to gether is fine . Just drill the bolt holes body size no clearance.
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              WRT the thread dial - on my Clausing 5914 it was easier to drill and tap a hole on the RH side of the Trav-a-dial bracket for the thread dial bolt.

              Mike Henry near Chicago


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                DIal Mounting

                I installed one on my Cholchester twenty years ago and placed it outside the Threading Dial. To protect the plastic cover plate over the dial, I machined a close fitting cap from Plexiglass. The plastic is not hard to polish for clear viewing but when assembling the unit place a few drops of light oil between the two plates and the result will be a clear lens. I have had several hot chips melt into the top plate.