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  • sander question

    I have a 12 " disk sander with full cabinet when I went to change the disk I discovered that it is velcro and all my 12 " disks are peel and stick will these fit to the velcro even as a temporary measure??? I seem to remember that you can do this.Anyone done it let me know ???????Alistair
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    Dunno Alistair,I had a velco backed disc but didn't like it.It rounded over the corners on stuff because it was spongy.I finally took the velcro off and used the sticky discs instead.
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      Possible Solution

      Couldn't you stick the opposite type velcro to your sander and then glue the sticky disks to the back of the velcro? Just might work and solve your immediate problem.


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        Why not remove the velcro from the disc? You can always put it back. Obtain some perchlorethylene and, using a syringe as an applicator, squirt it along the adhesive-disc interface as you gently peel the velcro away. I once salvaged $150.00 worth of postage stamps-they had been covered in clear packing tape before cancelling. granted, these were $8.00 stamps, but the whole job took about ten minutes. Just a thought, Duffy
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