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OT - speaking of fuel economy, i just got one of these

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  • OT - speaking of fuel economy, i just got one of these

    as gas and diesel prices have been going up, and i've been dreaming of owning another motorcycle, it seemed like a good time to pick something up. i started watching gleebay and craigslist and found some projects. one of them just needed a battery and fuel petcock rebuilt. i picked it up a few weeks ago and just got it running this afternoon. it's a Honda CA160 Dream.

    no, this is NOT mine, but mine is red. it is complete and the paint is a little faded, but otherwise is in good working order. hopefully i'll have the plate in another week or two and then can start legally riding it. from what i've read they should get at least 60MPG.

    andy b.
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    Andy, Got one of those in the shed somewhere.
    I swapped it years ago for a crappy snap on toolbox.
    What I liked about it was the fact it was 100% original so got it home, greased it up and threw it in the shed and it's nailed up behind a partition wall so no one can see it or steal it.

    Probably dig it out in 10 or so years, must be worth more now that that crap toolbox.

    Thinking about it remind me that there are two 500cc Manx Nortons in the hay loft in bits.
    Must check on them to see if they have bred.



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      freind of mine had one like that with the stock front fender on it. When you hit a big bump the front tire would jam up in the fender.
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        Oh man,
        Does that bring back sweet memories of the late 60's. A black Honda 160 was my first freedom as a 16(?) yo in the midwest. Couldn't afford a car or the insurance, but had to get places.

        Speed limits were 70mph on the interstates, muscle cars the rage. SS396, Barracudas, Hemi's...Vettes.

        Gas was $.35 per gallon.

        I could kinda sorta get up to highway speed, but didn't spend much time on the freeway. Just too scary. When the temps dropped, I've never been so cold, 'specially the hands.

        I wish I still had that bike. It would be perfect for my commute today: Short (10 miles), no Interstate, traffic not too bad...

        Any suggestions?



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          Bikes are dangerous, only cause you gotta be on the roads with that certain person on the cell phone...

          Sweet looking bike (I know, not yers but the same model).. That would be so nice to tool around on in the sticks, not out here, got too many people DWHUA... JR
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            Honda 305 SuperHawk. Friend had one that would burn rubber for 50 feet. Only problem was that it would make the chain tensioner bolts U shaped when he did that. They did have a nasty tendency to speed wobble though.
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              What a turn of events...

              The Chinese are running around in big ole cars and we are heading towards tiny cars and motorcycles...

              Boy, has the world changed!


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                I still have a 300 Dream, CA77 in the shed. It is still runing good,19k, also in red.


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                  My dad had some of the dream bikes kickin around, I never rode one. I'm still riding the CB400T Hawk. I can get 85 mpg with the fairing on, and about 75 mpg without it. I'd have to call this a dream machine. Sure is nice to ride.
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                    Fuel economy

                    Time to have your spectacles changed. The Chinese are driving NEW big cars in the UK. The Chinese are driving top of the range Mercs in HK and I understand that China is the major importer of quality cars.

                    Time to get out more and see the rest of the world, eh?


                    As a sort of postscript, I opened my copy of the Sunday Times motoring bit.
                    It dealt with 'chipping' No, not running on used fish and chip oil but changing the management 'chip'
                    So where does this relate to the bits about 'Bitsa's'?
                    The article stated that it was possible to f*** about with an Audi A3 diesel to get 16.4% better fuel economy. So what, what has that to do with bikes?

                    If the information is correct, the average fuel consumption rises from 62mpg to a staggering 72mpg.


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                      Thats one sweet little bike, very nice condition, I remember those as a kid , and shortly after started working on motorcycles at a couple of shops, Like many who have been in and seen the computer boom I get amazed when I see a pick of an old bike like that, While I can appreciate the nostalgic appeal I also like what has happened over the years in just about every way, motorcycle design has come along way baby


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                        i should've known if i posted something like that bike on here that half you guys would have owned or worked on one. the guys i hang with never saw one and just think it is old-school cool.
                        like others mentioned, i'm planning on just using it on local commutes. i work about 18 miles from home, and i can take a lot of side streets and back roads. i definitely don't plan on any highway driving with this tiny bike.
                        i also scored a '74 CB360 with an almost complete parts bike for $150, so i may use that for driving in slightly more congested areas. i really don't plan any highway driving with any motorcycle though.

                        this has nothing to do with this thread, but my spell-checker tells me "should've" is not a word. isn't "should have" proper English???? "would've" and "could've" pass as real words.

                        andy b.
                        The danger is not that computers will come to think like men - but that men will come to think like computers. - some guy on another forum not dedicated to machining


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                          My father had a 1966 (I think) 305 dream when I was a kid back in about 1970-71. It was a cool ride. He hated getting rid of it for alot of years. He looked for another one back in the early 80's but couldn't find one locally at the time that wasn't a total basket case with major rust in the sheet metal.
                          Due to gas prices and my drive to work I got a new ride about 5 weeks ago. Its a little more modern though.
                          Heres my new toy:

                          So far I am averaging around 52 mpg, not bad for a bike that makes 86hp and weighs in @475lbs. I drive it 90miles round trip to work about 15 days a month.
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                            Oh boy.. I'm going to have to go out in the yard with a camera... will make you guys sick. I have a whack of old Hondas and Yammies. This boneyard was started 25 or so years ago and some of these have been outside the whole time. It's a shame but where do you put an acre of bikes?
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                              You know what I remember, Honda's little 350-4, that was one sweet little engine, I remember having one on the workbench and having the head and cylinders off and can still recall the little rods and pistons...