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  • ? for the computer / electronics Gurus

    I have a CCTV monitor that is going bad, I want to know why a computer monitor cant be used with an adapter of sorts to coax.

    Any one do this, or can it be done?

    TIA,for any help.
    P.S. I will share any royalty's that one may encounter if we can market it.

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    Freds had a small television for $60.. has RCA inputs on the back.

    Yeah.. I got different birds here.. my chinese software that came with my RCA-4 channel board in my pc has a virus in the software..

    I'd really look at all chinese items.. usb keys, computers, drives, picture frames.. and camera monitor boards.
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      But most monitors are free at G-sales, and I am into being green and saving mother Earth,

      But really I do have some old Comp.monitors laying around.


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        While there are adapters available a standard CCTV monitor is very different from a VGA computer monitor. A CCTV monitor is usually standard NTSC composite video. I have a CCTV security camera system and for a monitor I picked up a new 13" color TV with a video input on the front for $80.
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          Evan , Show me a link, Quick before Tiffie wakes up and posts one.


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            Link to what? An adapter?


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              Check ebay for dvr recording monitors..
              I saw some on there about a year ago for $70.. the portable Twisted sister one for my wireless camera cost about $400..

              It's going on the wrecker, the camera into a old spotlight so I can aim it.. Working under things, it'd be nice to have it hand mount too.. Lining up the splines on the wrecker transmission with the clutch would have been a excellent job for it.. I needed a lil hair around it..

              Anyways, ain't nothing makes hooking a trailer up easier than a actual camera looking down on a trailer ball...
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                CCTV or NTSC video monitors accept a composit signal where the sync, reference subcarrire, and video signals are all combined into one signal. If color, the three color signals are also combined into this single signal. Computer monitors usually have Red, Green, and Blue video signals on three separate lines and the sync signal is either combined with one of them (usually green) or sent separately on a fourth line. Some have even had separate lines for horizontal and vertical sync for a total of five different lines.

                To run a computer monitor from a composit video signal you would have to add circuitry to separate these signals from each other and properly format them in the manner the monitor requires. On a small scale, this circuitry would cost a good fraction of the cost of a new monitor. Some people do make such devices in mass production but they are combined with other functions so the price again is fairly high. All in all, most people just buy a TV style monitor.

                Perhaps the easiest way to do this would be to purchase a NTSC video board for a computer (cheap used computer) and use the VGA monitor built into the computer for display. You would need some software that would display the NTSC signal full screen and you will need to hide the mouse pointer.

                Some of the newer flat screen monitors being sold to the TV trade now have both TV and computer (VGA or better) imputs built in. Check out Marshall for one.
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                  Thank you for the replies guys.