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  • Clausing 8520/8530

    I've been looking at these and wondering where to get one. They seem fairly rare and probably impossible to find in Australia. Anyone got any tips on where to look and what sort of cost to ship one from the States.


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    The 8520/30s have been cloned (Surprise!!) by the Chinese and are offered by 3-4 different suppliers here in the states (, Grizz, HF, Wholesale tool) and are quite close copies, and are generally referred to as the 6x26 knee mills-- and, are pretty nice machines for the home shop. Would be surprising if there isnt a supplier there that handles one of the clones --- Tiffie, you know of one?

    There a pretty active yahoo group just for these owners, you could probably find many pix of the different variations in the photo files
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      Turret mills in OZ

      I can't recall having seen one here in OZ - but I haven't been looking either.

      Just for interest, I "Googled" the machine and this was the result:

      Specific machine random link pick is:

      Dealers of a sizable range of good new (or used) similar machines seem be rare in OZ. There is only one in the (State) Capital near where I live - ie Hare & Forbes aka "Machinery House" which have branches in each State in OZ. They do have used ("traded (in)") stuff as well.

      I notice that "Turret Mills" are not yet on their web site:
      but I can assure you that they have them - lots.

      A phone call will get them to sent a copy of their quite extensive catalogues to you:
      (local/State phone numbers are at the bottom of the page).

      I have spent a lot of money with Hare & Forbes and am very satisfied indeed with the service they provide.

      Well, this was a surprise - I used the links to the catalogues and there are the Turret mills:

      I have only bought new stuff as I don't have the time left to do up old/used ("pre-loved"?) machines as I am 71 and there are virtually no shops within easy reach that can or will do any machining at rates that I can afford.

      The market here for good used machines and tools/accessories is or seems to be pretty "thin".

      The question regarding shipping from the USA to OZ might not be unreasonable at all. A lot/most stuff is shipped from China to the US/UK/OZ etc. and sold at reasonable prices which will include the shipping from China.

      Identical items/stuff is in the bigger dealers in the USA that I see posted on this forum are cheaper - generally - than it is in OZ - quite a lot at times.

      Stuff in the UK seems to be quite a bit more expensive than here in OZ.

      I have no idea what relativity in prices with New Zealand are as regards OZ/USA/UK etc. so i can't use that as a "measuring stick" for comparison/s.


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        The 8520 (the original Clausing and the Chinese 6x26 copy) is a great little mill for a HSM'er. Once you use a knee you'll never go back

        Some folks have noted that there's not a lot of daylight under the quill, but it's pretty easy to make a spacer for it.
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          Lazlo's reply reminds me -- Probably should point out that along with the, sometimes, limiting room under the quill, another drawback to these mills is the 6" of Y travel, and theres nothing to do to help that. As Laz says, its common to put a spacer/riser under the column and get around the quill space, but the Y travel .....

          But, that still doesnt take away from this little mill being a GREAT HSM'er -- and getting introduced to the marvels of the KNEE!
          If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something........


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            Thanks for the feedback. I've been looking and have found this.

            It's a similar type as this -

            -which I had a look at a while ago. This one was damaged so I didn't bother.

            They are a Taiwanese mill and quite well made. The big problem is it's a thousand Ks away.

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              The mill I have is very similar to the one in your bottom photo. It has an 8" x 30" table and 20" max spindle to table clearance (KBC VM-22 on page 1025). The one in the upper photo may be the same but the 626 mill looks very similar. So a check on table size will probably be in order. Mine has vented sheet metal side panels on side of the base - coolant return tank - or, in my case, a storage drawer!

              I am a happy camper.

              Good luck,



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                Oops! Deleted


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                  Hey Nev
                  There are a couple of good Bridgeports on Australian Ebay at the moment.


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                    That photo of the grey knee mill is very similiar - almost exact - as the Grizzly A1-S that I have. The A1-S was discontinued by Grizzly - but I think some others still carry the same machine with a different paint Job. I've had mine for about 8 years with no problems - the only thing I've done to it is to add a DRO - excellent mill for the home shop.