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  • Support for Long Stock

    Last night I decided to make stock support for the new band saw.
    This is what I came up with:

    Simple, sturdy and built from scrap! The base is 6" diameter mystery metal. A friend was kind enough to give me several feet of it (and some other stock) in return for some minor help.
    It adjusts via a 1" fine threaded rod and there is enough thread in the base for it to work with my other band saw and some other machines.

    Location: North Central Texas

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    That's nice but unless you have a keyway in the threaded shaft and a key in the tube it will pivot from under the metal it is supporting. I made one and had to add the keyway and screw turned down on the end to go in the slot to keep it from turning.

    You could put another pin in the othe end of the support bar. If you have to remove both the pins then the rest can still rotate and it will.

    edit: mine has a tripod base that is very wide.
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      Nice. Too nice. That chunk of 6" diameter stock is worth more than it would cost you to buy a decent roller feeder at your local Woodcraft store etc. I would make some sort of concrete base or make one from an old wheel or something else and put that big chunk back on the stock shelf...but that's just me. As you say, it is mystery metal, but on the other hand, stock that large is pretty pricey.

      Paul Carpenter
      Mapleton, IL


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        I haven't had a similar problem Carl and stability is good.

        No worries here Paul - I have plenty of the stock still in the stockpile and can easily reclaim this chunk should a need arise! I have a Woodworkers roller but it is too tall for this saw. Wanted something small and sturdy that stays with the saw anyway.
        Location: North Central Texas


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          I like it. It shows craftsmanship and desire for quality.
          I picked up a scissor-jack style support from an auction about five years ago. It was part of a lot that included about 500lbs of stock and other machine parts. IIRC, I paid less than $10 for everything. Now, if I ever get a metal band saw I'll be set.


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            very nice well done man i love it and as mention quaility ,,iam a quaility person my self ,,keep it the way it is.. its awesome

            great job


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              I see several things wrong with it-

              The floor is too neat,there isn't enough welding flash or hammer dings in it and you didn't make me one
              I just need one more tool,just one!


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                He didn't make me one either! That's nice work Joel.

                For those that don't have a pile of 6" stock laying around (you lucky dog you!).
                I used a brake rotor off of an old one ton pickup for the base of mine.