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  • engraving tool speed question

    I have a project that requires me to use a .030 single edge carbide engraving tool 1/4 inch shank. I will be using it in 1018 cold finish flat stock. My question is what speed should I be turning it? and what feed rate should I be using, I have a cooling mist system on the mill.
    I need to cut the groove .030 depth by .063 wide.
    I have never used one of these before so I am kinda in the dark on this one.

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    12,000 rpm+ not sure of the feed but its a bit slow with a small cutter like that.. think chipload..


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      I use mine at the max RPM my mill turns which is 7500 RPM. I feed mine at 24 ipm but I am making a very shallow cut. For what you want I would probably use a 2 flute 1/16" ball end mill and feed at about a .0005" -.0007" chip load. Use your max RPM X chip load X the number of flutes to get the feed rate.
      Mark Hockett


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        Another way to think about feeds on such small tools is to scale it. How fast and deep would you feed the same shape of tool if it were ten times bigger? Take that feed rate and divide by ten
        Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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          Additional high-rev accessory

          Why not make an attachment to fit on the mill head/quill that you could mount a high-speed accurate accessory on -such as:

          - a small cylindrical router (say 1/4"); or
          - a "Proxxon" die grinder with adaptor modeled on the following:



          I bought one of those "Proxxon" grinders from and I am hugely impressed with it as it is small, rugged, accurate and performs like no other die grinder I've had. And yes, I imported it from the USA to OZ, so i know a bit a about postage from the USA!!