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South Bend 13 4 Position Carriage Stop Jammed

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  • South Bend 13 4 Position Carriage Stop Jammed


    I just received a South Bend 13" 4 position carriage stop and it won't turn. Upon examination, it appears that it has had a recent paint job. So, I am thinking that some paint ran down between the casting and the barrel of it. Will soaking it in paint thinner work to free it up?


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    My guess is, probably not. Paint thinner typically doesn't do much to hardened paint. Won't hurt to try it though. I imagine you'll need to disassemble it to get it to move (watch out for springs and balls that may want to go flying).
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      use lacker thiner in a closed contianer, metal or glass.


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        But lacquer thinner will strip the paint right off...

        I'd suggest SGW's approach: take it apart and clean it. If the paint is good, but has run down inside the barrel, take an X-acto knife and trim the edge on the barrel so it doesn't crack when you pull it apart.
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