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    Hey Guys (and Gals)!

    I bought two lathes and I will post a gloat thread along with several threads detailing the work they required later. I don't have a card reader to post the pics right now, though. Anyway, I was wondering if you guys could tell me about the NIR

    One of my lathes is stamped all over with National Industrial Reserve Conr. # 5340

    It also has several other numbers along with a plate from the US Navy with various serial numbers and the date ... 1945 It also had a stamp that said 5675.00 1973 and then another stamp but no price? for 1995. It sat at a community college for several years and had lots of mechanical issues. Once I get it back together I'll get a better idea of the bed wear.

    Anyway, its been a really fun project. I've got the apron completely dismantled, but just the casting weighs in at 60+ lbs. The carriage completely assembled weighs A LOT!

    This one that has the NIR stamps on it also has the original motor, from the Sterling Motor Company. No idea if it still works or if the ancient motor control box works.

    Anyway, any thoughts, comments etc would be welcome. I'd like to know about the history of this machine. Its a great machine the way it is, but it would be worth alot more to me if I could know a bit of its history. Thats half the fun in owning old machinery, imo.

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    Re: National Industrial Reserve

    Fastrack....At the beginning of WWII all industrial machinery was nationalized and was under the control of the War Production Board, from what I was told. One of the old drill presses at a place I worked had a big bronze plate on it that had a S/N and Property of the War Production Board. I understand that at the end of the war it was all released back to the original owners. The Comunity Colleges and universities are allowed to buy GSA surplus property from uncle sugar, since they are non profit organizations. We had a bunch of gSA stuff at my department at FSU.
    Jim (KB4IVH)

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