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  • Site worth a visit?

    Just saw this one

    Lots of plans - some very ambitious - from the bygone years of Pop Sci, Pop Mech, MI, S&M. Given the price of gas some of them would go a long way on a gallon.

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    Oh boy... here we go again.. same ol' stuff in a different wrapper.
    Dunc... guess you didn't know there was a spammer hanging around here for quite awhile flogging that same stuff for money.
    I just hope you aint him
    I have tools I don't even know I own...


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      This one is free, and he has a whole 31 posts so I don't THINK he is a Spammer. Just a Newby.


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        I purused the site.

        humm, the "Spherical Cutting Tool for a Lathe" is an article I wrote and originally posted on MetalWebNews. Since I put it on the Quorn list (yahoo) ad a few others.

        I see nothing that bothers me on his site, all he claims it to be is a site with a collections of plans from the Internet.

        At least he is not putting up a CD on eBay selling them. (well, I didn't _check_ :-) )

        - Reed
        Raleigh, NC


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          Thats David lee He has the junkyard plans group from yahoo. I'm a member
          most of the plans are from his group files and the old farms plans website.


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            Cool deal but I feel the PDF file format is crap, i just hate the hell out of it.

            Piss on PDF files, the US government loves them and that alone says they suck..


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              He can Put it on toilet paper if he wants to, He has done the work and giving them away freely.


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                Yup.. he's giving them away.. but he is calling you a cheapskate if you don't "donate"... did you miss that? A buck is not a big deal but...
                I can't remember the guys monikker who used to come here time after time to sell "his" plans. He was warned repeatedly to stop trying to sell that same stuff here and may have been banned..I can't rmemember.
                Dunc.. no offence.. I was just wondering..
                I have tools I don't even know I own...


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                  I swear it is/was not me. Been looking for an oldie plan for a power hacksaw and saw this site. No luck on the plan that i want tho.


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                    The previous spammer was poorman & Poormans Publications was what he was selling. He seems to have disappeared.

                    FWIW, I had difficulty opening the plans and ended up with a spyware alert of some sort.
                    Jim H.