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  • opinions/thoughts on a mill

    I've been keeping my eye out for a larger mill but it's the old story or it either being too costly or to far away. Presently I'm using a Grizzly X3 and I've been happy with all the Grizzly brand imports I've owned.

    I'm curious what people think of the G0484 mill they added to the 2008 catalog. Who's using this machine or the same machine under a different name?

    In a perfect world a kindly old gent would offer to sell me a barely used K&T 2CH with a vertical attachment for next to nothing. Not likely to happen.

    Brett Jones...

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    I think that is the mill that Grizz has back ordered til ---- Sept, Oct?? and keep upping that! When ENCO put their almost identical mill (minus the power feeds) in last months "hot deals" catalog with free frt -- and then the 20% off thing came along, theres has been a LOT of guys taking advantage of that great price. The free ship and 20% is good til Jun 31.... Several over on the yahoo mill-drill site have already got theirs and you can see their comments ...
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      I suppose Brett any mill which get's the job done is the one to buy everything else is there for convenience cosmetic and aesthetical to make us want it want it want it.Like I do with most machines also of course the other thing is convenience of course power feed gives a better finish etc etc and gearbox makes for easier screw cutting so whatever you have in your piggy bank suggest the model you go for grizzly seem to offer some good deals,however I am a man who likes to buy some things not all second hand and so I am guided by getting a fantastic model for a good price which I could otherwise never afford best of luck Alistair
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        It's mostly a size issue for me. The 6x21 table on the X3 is pretty tight when you add a dividing head and a foot. I'll run across something, I just need to be patient.
        Brett Jones...


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          For that type and size of mill, I would lean more toward Industrial Hobbies version.

          The table is larger and some stuff is beefier than the look-alikes.

          Plus I've always thought their site was filled with some helpful stuff.

          Mind you, I don't own one of these YET...but others on here do.

          Good luck.



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            Enco is tempting but, the Griz has powerfeeds on X and Z plus the stand for $750 more. So, price-wise it is probably a wash. However, I think the Griz is a better machine. I have the DM45 from which is similiar to the Griz and Enco models.

            If I had to buy again I would buy the Griz 0484. I would not like the wait, though !


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              I have one similar to that, doesn't have the power vertical feed for the head, and it's a good accurate machine for the money. The drive makes more noise than the belt drive type but other then that I like it alot better than the my old mill/drill.
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