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Grizzly G4016 Lathe & others - Your thoughts please

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  • Grizzly G4016 Lathe & others - Your thoughts please


    I currently have a 10" Shledon lathe but it's kind of worn out and to slow for turning the small AL parts I make all the time.

    I am shopping for a new lathe and desire the spindle speed to be over 2000. The Grizzly G4016 seems to fit the bill but I am wondering about this gear drive business.

    My concern is that the gear drive won't be as smooth as the belt drive but I don't really know if that's the case or not. Seems hard to find a belt drive lathe that's over 2,000 rpm so it's tough to know what to buy?? The advertising says the G4016 is smooth of course, but I'm wondering if anyone out here has one and can tell me if it really is smooth.

    Does anyone have any thoughts, suggestions or recommendations on this lathe or other Grizzly lathes?

    Thanks much,
    Kerry Harrison

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    It looks like a fine machine, I would like one.
    It has a bit small compound and cross slide travel but you may be able to work around that, we all do..

    take it home, you can always get a bigger machine if needed.


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      Its a "goodie"

      I took the time to see what is being talked about.

      Based on comment and web-based info so far, it seems to be a good machine and also seems the meet the OP's specs.

      I'd be confident about buying it and it doing the job.

      More local (USA/Canada) comment with personal/known experience will help.

      Pics and links are always a good start at the OP stage.


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        Do not worry about that (grizzly) lathe being smooth. All modern lathes are gear head. Think clausing, monarch, etc. JIM


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          Heres another source, likely the same machine rebadged? Lots of good feedback dealing with him, he is on Practical Machinist, and here too I think. I'm sure he does free shipping for mainland US and has offered discounts before on BB members, anyway heres the link to compare apples to apples, these guys go through every machine before it's shipped out.

          Talk to Matt
          Opportunity knocks once, temptation leans on the doorbell.....


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            I have a 4016. It's a jewell. I bought it new in Feb of 2006. When I was mounting it on its stand right after I brought it home, the engine hoist I was using, broke and the lathe dropped 5'. It landed on the concrete floor at my feet. The only thing on the lathe that was hurt was some paint on the corner that got chipped. Runout on the 3-jaw is less than 0.0015". It's maintained that accuracy for nearly 2yrs. Granted though, I have probably not turned out as much work in that time as some you have in a short afternoon; but still it seems reasonable tough. For a home shopper like me it's fantastic.