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OT/ What happened to "Global Warming"?

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  • OT/ What happened to "Global Warming"?

    Yeesh! June 7th.. still pumping wood into the woodstoves. It feels like it wants to snow outside right now.
    I really can't remember such a long winter or a colder spring.
    Is it just me?
    I have tools I don't even know I own...

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    Same thing down here.


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      It's been a tad warm down here (low to mid 90s) . But is DRY heat.


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        I really can't remember such a long winter or a colder spring.
        Is it just me?
        I just notified the UN and a few science based organizations of your findings, global warming talk should be a thing of the past pretty soon, all because of you.


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          It's not just you, HADCRU admits the global temperature has dropped too, much as they believe in global warming:

          Here's a competing viewpoint to global warming where the thought is the sun might have some influence:

          Watching solar cycle developments makes watching grass grow seem exciting but the info is here:

          "The Black Swan" by Taleb says ignore forecasts (he's referring to the market but I think it applies here too) and forecasters. Mother nature certainly doesn't pay attention to their forecasts, no matter how loudly they insist that they're correct nor what tortured statistics they use to "prove" their point.

          Stay tuned for Mother Nature's verdict, it should be obvious to even us untrained observers within a couple years.

          I don't expect either the global warmers or the sun spot people to ever admit they're wrong. Already we're hearing the argument that the sudden drop in global temperature is "an anomaly", a fortuitous happening which gives us more time to handle the CO2 crisis -- warming will continue after a brief respite...

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            mo.. thanks for givin the UN a heads up
            All the talk about C02... makes me wonder about the days before fire fighting.
            We had a colossal fire here in 1985. It burned through a part of one mountain range, skipped across the Columbia valley and burned over a huge tract of the next mountain range. Destruction as far as you could see.
            The smoke and ash covered the valleys for weeks.
            The old timers said it was nothing compared to the fires in the old days. They went pretty much out of control, burning millions of acres of large trees.
            Talk about harmfull emissions?
            I have tools I don't even know I own...


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              I sometimes wonder if global warming due to increased CO2 buildup won't be essentially neutralized by global dimming due to increased particulates in the atmosphere ! Fight pollution with pollution I say !


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                I think we have been seeing global warming since the end of the last ice age,maybe we are starting to head into another ice age. What we should do is keep a close eye on temps for the next million years and then compare notes to be sure. .


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                  I'd be happy if it just stopped raining!

                  If it does'nt fit, hit it.


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                    100 here

                    100 here, now.. on the porch.
                    I went to save the picture of the thermometer and it won't upload to the computer.. I love computers somedays. I can remember jumping up and down on a $600 printer one day.. ever seen what a 300lb man loaded with adrenalin can do to plastic and rollers? Plastic Crap was stuck in the walls next to it.

                    Last night, the power supply in my new dual core (surveillance) machine died. today? the old 98SE P4 machine foo-barred.(bad sectors on the 12 year old drive) now gutted the "extra here" got parts and the wife's gamer linux box is here on the LCD so I can read it.. Just got the flashplayer in it working again.

                    Time for a tranqulizer and a hour off..
                    Excuse me, I farted.


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                      global warming

                      I too am still waiting for the warmth. I've been hyperventelating for 2 years now to produce more co2, but the warm front hasn't got here yet. When it does though, I'll be in the berries. About the time that southern California becomes uninhabitable, my property in northern Oregon should be worth a mint. Still waiting, but it's getting a little dizzy out.


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                        Local Global Warming just got to Ky and it's in the 90's now. Probably stay that way untill the Global Cooling about November. Then we'll have Global winter for a few months, then Global Sudo Spring, then Global Summer Warming.

                        I hate Global Winters.

                        It seems to happen every year.
                        It's only ink and paper


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                          Originally posted by Davek0974
                          I'd be happy if it just stopped raining!

                          Dave , The Govenor just declared a drought here in California. It sure is a good thing I drink whisky .
                          1. Fuel is for racing
                          2. Gasoline is for washing parts
                          3. Alky is for drinking
                          4. Water is for dust controll
                          Guess I'll be drinking dusty whisky


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                            The primary effect of global warming isn't hotter temperatures. It is higher AVERAGE temperatures and most of that increase is in the minimum temperatures, not the maximums.

                            What that means is the highs may be lower due to increased cloud cover but the lows at night are even higher for the same reason. That is exactly what we have been seeing here in BC. It just doesn't get as cold as it used to get, especially at night in winter. Instead of -40 or -30 the coldest we see these last dozen years or more is maybe -20 and even that for only short periods. It's the main reason we have a plague of bark beetles. It hasn't gotten cold enough in the last 15 years to kill them like it used to do.
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                              i was in Hermosillo Mexico earlier in the week where a new record temp for that day was set, 46C/114F. Where we were the thermometer read 50C or 122F and something higher than that when you got in a car that was parked in the sun. Ouch. Global warming seems to be alive and well in the Mexican desert, beer was only cure.
                              in Toronto Ontario - where are you?