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round stock, keeping it square

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  • round stock, keeping it square

    I need to drill thru two pieces of round stock, a feed tube for an old pellet gun, then into the reciever, which is also round, then tap the reciever for a new screw. The two pieces have to be mated at a specific point, and also be square to each other. Alignment is critical. I can find the center of the tubes easily enough, but then they must also be aligned or angled properly. Is there a simple way to do it?

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    Can they not be drilled after assembly?


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      Yes, they could, if I figure out a way to hold them in place. Then I could remove the top tube and tap the reciever. Still would be nice to get it squared up so I'm not drilling in at an angle.


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        You should be able to build a jig out of two blocks of aluminum. Drill and bolt the block together at the corners. put on the drill press seam up and drill two holes down the seam so that when the blocks are separated you have two half round channels in both, one for the barrel one for the feed tube. turn the block so the other face with a seam is up in the drill press and drill a hole to guide the drill bit for the hole you need through the first two holes.

        Hope that helps.

        - Scott


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          RE: Tube Drilling

          eeler1...Could you not just use two vee blocks to hold the tubes with a shim under the smaller diameter one, the same wall thickness of the larger one? Maybe I am missing something here. Best of luck.
          Jim (KB4IVH)

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