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  • Hagley Museum Photography...

    There's a set of amazing photos in Flickr, taken at the Hagley Museum. Extraordinarily well done, almost product-sample photos (which stands to reason, as that's what the photographer does. )

    There's only six shots, and unfortunately no high-resolution copies, but they're worth a look. I'd love to have some prints to frame and hang...

    Doc's Machine. (Probably not what you expect.)

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    Beautiful images. Makes me want to go to Delaware to see this museum. Is there any other reason to go to Delaware?
    Allan Ostling

    Phoenix, Arizona


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      The pictures are good but the shop is really nice. They have periodic demos, fire up the lineshaft and put a few machines through their paces. There is also a treadle powered lathe that you can run, gives a great perspective on how much force is involved even in a .010" cut in aluminum.

      The rest of the facility is pretty cool too- still-running water turbines (used to power the powder grinding wheels, running steam engine. Gardens to occupy SWMBO if she's not into hardware. The library is also quite extensive. Certainly worth a visit if you're in the area.




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        The Henry Ford

        If you get a chance this is a neat museum to go to, they have a turn of the century machine shop with overhead belts.
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          Hagley Museum photo's

          At my age -(62), the planer picture from the Hagley Museum is premium "toolporn". If that dosen't belong in a machinists calander I don't know what does. "Make Swarf & Prosper"......John


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            Originally posted by Mike of the North
            If you get a chance this is a neat museum to go to, they have a turn of the century machine shop with overhead belts.
            The problem with the Ford is they have sold off a lot of the collections that aren't culturally relevant to the current generation. As they say in the advertising field It ain't your daddy's museum any more.
            The big thing for the summer travel season is an exhibit on Chocolate, History etc. you can wait till it comes to a museum near you.
            It seems that they are turning in to another amusement venue! With the Imax and traveling exhibits.The tractor shows,and other get togethers they use to have are cut back. As they didn't generate the traffic of paying watchers to the museum. But we have gone here on the Ford before.
            Find a museum that is like the one in the title of this thread or smaller ones closer To home and possibly volunteer your time and money. IMO
            Been there, probably broke it, doing that!
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              Remarkable Images

              Absolutely remarkable images. Makes me want to break out the Large Format camera and visit some local shops.

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