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Lathe spindle started screeching?

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  • Lathe spindle started screeching?

    I have a smal HF 7x10 lathe that I use alot (its is 3 years old) but lightly and mostly cut wood or plastics. This weekend the spindle nose developed a screeching noise just as I turn the power on and when I apply some hold on the work turning. Specially if I reverse the rotation, the screeching is more as it starts turning in the reverse but subsides as it speeds up. Has any one had a similar situation? DO you think that the bearing needs replacing? It srtill works and turns fine but I do not want to run the lathe with the nioise which is obviously the sign of something not being right? Thanks for any ideas. DavidH.

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    Since the bearings are not oil bathed, it certainly is possible. However, I would check belt tension (adjusted by moving the motor) first. I believe that Frank Hoose's site has info on adjustment or at least it did years ago as I recall.

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      If the lathe is 3 years old, it seems that the odds might be in favour of it being a geared-head lathe.

      Perhaps it is belt-driven on cone or "V" pulleys.

      The OP does not say which it is.

      Advice and preferably pics too please.
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        It could be the bearings but I suspect it may be the speed shifter fork. The first thing I did when I got mine was take it apart and wash out the sand and condensed hog pee they used for grease and replaced it with white-Lith. That was about 8-9 years ago.


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          A long time ago in a galaxy far away...

          I had one of these lathes. Once a stringy chip got under the bearing guard behind the spindle flange between the spindle shaft and the headstock housing. Made noise but to get it out I would have had to take the spindle out. No thanks...


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            Apart from the above, I can only suggest you remove any belts, disengage any gears, and apply some feel.

            I.E. spin by hand and feel for any tight/squeaky/rough spots.
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              Thanks all for the suggestions and advice.
              I stopped by's warehouse yesterday (they are really nice peopleand about 15 miles from me) to pick up a spanner wrench needed to take out the nuts from the tail end of the spindle.I am taking out the spindle this weekend after checking on the belt and other items that can be seen without tearing up the unit. DavidH.


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                Hi all and thanks again for the advice. I did a little looking around the lathe and there is good news (it is not the bearings). There is a tear on the timing belt that turns the spindle. But it does not look like you can just change the belt. Has anyone ever done this on a 7x10? It looks like I have to take down the whole head stock to install the belt. I can see the motor pully, but the other side is well hidden behind the gears and stuff at the tail end of the spindle. DavidH.


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                  IIRC, I don't think you have to pull the spindle. It's been a while since I worked on mine but I think the driven pulley is behind the rear headstock cover. (At the change gears) The pulley drives the speed gears inside the headstock but I think once you loosen the motor, the belt will come off.