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  • more questions about phenolic

    In a recent thread ( there was a bunch of good info on phenolic material (an others) as it relates to gears.

    Like the person who started the above thread, I also had a damaged phenolic gear and since I had access to some glass re-enforced phenolic I made a replacement gear out of it so I could use the machine. I've since picked up some linen phenolic and plan on make another gear out of it to use as the permanent replacement.

    I'm curious, if left in will the glass gear wear out the brass and steel gears any quicker than steel on steel or brass on steel?

    I'm also curious how well phenolic gears work running against other phenolic gears?

    Brett Jones...

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    The glass fibers are abrasive, and very likely will wear on adjacent gears. The amount is a question, since the wear will be distributed over a rather large surface area.

    Phenolic gears are "supposed to be" linen reinforced, and work best with steel etc gears, not other phenolic. In that usage, they tend to reduce noise and wear. The linen is a less abrasive reinforcement material than others like glass fiber.

    Keep eye on ball.
    Hashim Khan


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      Rule of thumb for material wearing in contact is: Hard against soft is ok. Hard against hard is ok. Soft against soft is not.
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