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O/T A little local, sad news. Tornado's

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  • O/T A little local, sad news. Tornado's

    4 boy scouts were killed By a Tornado, and several hurt Just northeast of the Omaha area.

    Several tornado's went through the Omaha area tonight.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled programing.

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    East central Canada is being hit with tornados also.
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      I was on the phone earlier today with one of my 401K managers and she shrieked into the phone she had to leave because the tornado sirens just sounded. She sounded very frightened and I expect they had been on notice all day that things were going to get nasty. My wife and I looked up the weather situation in Witchita and saw the picket fence going across Kansas to Nebraska and it looked ugly.

      Best of luck to everyone affected.


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        I'm so sorry for those that were injured and killed. I just hate to hear such distressing news. Speaking from an often failing memory here, but it seems a couple of years ago a bunch more were hurt/killed at a Jamboree in the Virginia area. The motto of the scouts is "Be Prepared"; it seems like event organizers have been failing to heed their own motto. Everyone with a lick of sense knows the middle corridor of the country has been caught in a weather pattern that is promoting severe weather. As an event planner/organizer, you have a responsibilty to those who are attending to watch for adverse conditions (it could be forest fires, floods, droughts, etc) and have evacuation plans and contingency measures in place. I'm really tired of hearing about everyone from FEMA, to local disaster preparedness agencies, to event planners - not doing their job. I don't care whether it's 30 folks or 100,000; if you're not up to doing the event properly, don't do it!
        JHC Dayton, OH