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  • OT - Lawn and garden tractors...

    For those of you that have lawn and garden tractors....

    What kind do you have, or had in the past, and what is your opinion of it?

    If you have time to answer, I'd sure appreciate it!


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    Bolens Husky, made by FMC w/ a Wisconsin engine and Eaton transaxle. Still running after 30+ years... works well, powerful, resistant to abuse, a bit loud.
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      I have a couple of friends that have had various brand tractors over the years and they both swear by kabota. I think the ones they have are in the 30 horse range. I have made some accesories for them and had the op to see them up close and they look prety stout.


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        Bolens with a KT17 Kohler engine. I have a spare chassis in reserve if for some reason something happens to the hydrostatic drive.

        I don't know how long it has been going, I just hope it will continue for a long time, because I don't like the tinny crap that you get at the store these days.


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          I have a 1968 JD 120 with a Briggs 11 horse conversion motor in it. What a neat lil' tractor. Thing will do 40 kph.
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            I got me one of these ( ) New Holland tractors last fall and, I flat out love it.

            (o'corse, I'm a little partial to that Ford blue .... )
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              I got a 12hp International Cub Cadet back around 1980. It's still going 28 years later.

              Whatever brand you get, I'd strongly recommend a hydrostatic transmission.
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                Are you asking about a tractor, or a lawn mower?

                I know, they call riding lawn mowers "lawn tractors" but they aint.
                I have a john deere riding lawn mower, and its great- it is around 25hp, with a hydrostatic, and it will mow lawns all day long.
                But it sure aint no tractor.
                No 3 point hitch, no real torque, its gas, not diesel.

                Its really good for what it was designed for.
                Not cheap- I think it cost 5 grand, new.

                Now if what you are asking about is a small tractor, thats a whole different beast.
                I have a small diesel yanmar, with a front end loader, a 3 point hitch, 4WD, and a PTO.
                this will allow you to run a bush hog, or a tiller, or a fence post digger, or actually plow or disc.

                Everybody I know who has a Kubota, swears by em- but man, they are really expensive. New, with a loader, figure $12k to $20k. Used, where I live, I have never seen one go under about 8 grand. Thats for a 20-30hp diesel, with a loader.

                John deere is still rebadging Yanmars for their entry level, similarly priced and powered tractors.
                Not sure where the New Hollands are from, but I kinda doubt its the USA.

                Then, around here anyway, we have Indian tractors for sale, cheaper than the big names- but they look kinda sketchy to me- originally, you saw Mahindra's, but now they are selling all american names like Rhino, or the Branson, which is from Korea.

                You see a fair amount of used, gray market japanese small tractors too- besides Yanmars, there are Mitsubishi, Iseki, Hinomoto, and others. Very solid little machines, but not always easy to find parts for.

                If you dont NEED a 4WD, small diesel, you can save money, at least in some parts of the country, by buying an older, american made, 2WD gas tractor- an old Ford, or Deere, Case, Farmall, MCcormick, and so on.
                They are almost always a lot bigger than a Kubota or Yanmar- made for real farm work, they will do more work for less money. But they wont fit in between the garden shed and the house and mow around a fruit tree every 6 feet- they are made for real ag work.
                They are often gas, instead of diesel, until you get into newer, bigger models.


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                  Garden Tractors...

                  Originally posted by Mike Burdick
                  For those of you that have lawn and garden tractors....

                  What kind do you have, or had in the past, and what is your opinion of it?

                  If you have time to answer, I'd sure appreciate it!

                  A older something, like a John Deere 318, 325 and etc. IF you are really going to use in the garden, something with a 3 point hitch and PTO in back, and hydraulics of course. Don't get a new one from one of the "Box" stores, they are not the same as the OEM sold by JD or Kubota or otherwise. Made cheaper to sell at lower cost retail market, warranty is different also.
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                    Check here to see who makes which one, but that isn't a complete list as MTD makes a number of the big buck name brands for the OEM's.
                    If you check the spec's page on a lot of the stuff the only difference is the color and price. Whether it is a lawn mower ot lawn tractor.
           you can check here are they have a lot of sub categories.
                    Wisconsin engines was sold to robin which was sold to Fuji Heavy industries. now they are coming out with their own branded equipment. 800 tech question service is excellent
                    This is their pdf manuals downlaod page but you can to the home page from there.
                    Get the one you like as they last only as long as you don't abuse them continuously.
                    Spent 25 years doing service on all makes and models. And have stories good and bad on each
                    Have a cub cadet that my Dad bought and its good for cutting the grass at his house, but we only have a deck.
                    Been there, probably broke it, doing that!
                    I am not a lawyer, and never played one on TV!
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                      Mike here is my garden tractor It is a 110JD modified to a rowcrop


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                        way too many...tractors are one of my favorite things to wrech on, small, cheap (often), can flip for good money and may types of unique functions/components that keep me 'learnin'
                        for example a quadtractor... 4wd, 4 wheel steer, use as a log skidder (primary) but has a 3 pt hitch, tows a mower, plow etc

                        dont get me goin on my crawler (s)

                        one of my favorite are the simplicity/allis ones...i like the 60's models called foot opposed to having full running boards...anway good site here


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                          If you're looking for one, look for an older one that OSHA hasn't reworked to make it safe for village idiots. I find all the safety precautions a real pain in the back side. I have a Sears 5000 with all kind of safety crap on it. Also has the "bend over and look between your legs for the shifter lever" I will never ever buy another mower without getting on it and trying it out first to see how comfortable to use it is.
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                            I have grandpa's (rip) John Deere RX75. It needs a new mower deck. Are replacement decks available?



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                              Ries and others...

                              Thanks for the information! I'm talking about a "Lawn and Garden" tractor which is really just a riding lawn mower - not a compact tractor, which has a 3-point hitch etc. At least that’s the way I understand the terminology.

                              Some of you really have some old machines and what's really great is that they are still going strong! I'm not too sure the new ones will last that long. I'm not looking at the ones sold at the box stores as those might be a little too light. I'm thinking more along the line of the Cub Cadet 2500 series or the John Deere X300 (I hope I got that right) series. I'll have to go thru a dealer for those.

                              Okay, plastikosmd, I may regret this but you just gotta give us more on your crawler! Seems you and CCKen can make just about anything!

                              Thanks guys for answering and especially showing pictures.... Got any more!
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