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  • ENCO Code

    In my 2008 ENCO catalog was a promo coupon for 10% discount. Code is MC5DC and is good until 15 July 2008.


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    If you're going to use the 10% discount code, do a bit of math first. You would be ahead only if you're ordering an expensive but light order. Otherwise, the shipping cost would be more than the savings. 10% of a $100 order is only $10. The free shipping code would be a better deal.


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      Just a reminder .... til June 30 the 20% code (STP58) is still good---

      I'm loving these % off deals,--- I took the 20% over to the yahoo mill-drill site where there were a lot of grumbling about the Grizz further and further delaying their version of the popular R-45 that several of the guys wanted. They were already liking ENCO's offering free frt on their R-45, so when the 20% came up, there have been maybe 5-6 of them ordering up the ENCO version!

      Thats where the % off is REALLY nice, -- find that big ticket item you been wanting that theyve put the free frt offer on in the Hot Deals catalog and add the % code to it ..... SWEET!
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