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Indentify Mystery Caliper??

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  • Indentify Mystery Caliper??

    Anyone recognize this caliper? there no markings on it, looks old, and the legs have a distinctive shape - been googling for awhile and haven't seen anything like it so thought i'd ask the font of guess is its a quality brand based on the case but unusual for a quality brand to not have their name on it???

    (sorry about the bad link first time round)

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    It looks a lot like my Starrett Master Vernier Model 123 but there are some differences in the details so it probably isn't.


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      yeah it thought it looked like a Starrett to, i have a 354 height guage and the curve on the tops of the sliding pieces look identical.....but no double curve on the legs and no "Starrett" on he body.

      bit a of a puzzle in that those making knock offs don't general go a vintage look which i think this has and those that are branded, ie no knock offs, would have their name on it


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        I have some old mics and a hieght gauge with a lot of the same features probably same era as your caliper. My hieght gauge is not marked but the box is, mics are marked. Brown and Sharp.


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          Looks a lot like an old Brown & Sharpe 24" that I have, not exact but similar.



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            on the logic that a cheapo offshore thing wouldn't have a felt lined leather box, I went to look at it and bought it. I may never need a 24" vernier, but for $25 i'll sleep better

            The apparently blind but friendly vendor missed a bunch of markings. The box is STAROBA Industrial Research co. ltd. Toronto Canada, and on the end of the tool Sirlo or Sirld, Made in Canada - hard to make out, its faint. I found some references to Starbola, a Toronto tool maker from 50's, but that’s about it. I think the bad handle did them in. Like you guys have observed, in person it has the seem fit and finish as vintage B&S, Starrett stuff and being made here i'm assuming its of good quality

            thanks for the help