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  • OT- Toyota Camry Lugnuts

    I want to get a socket for my daughter's car to remove the lugnuts. Will a regular socket work or do I need a deep socket to get the handle out past the rim? I got the 25" long breakover bar from HF that was on the posted coupons, I think it might last for this useage and give her the leverage to make the job possible for her. What size? It is a 2000-2004 model? I am 300 miles away and can't check it myself, so a little help would be appreciated. TIA
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    I found this that might help:

    Most of the lug nuts are .8125 (13/16) hex, but some are .875 (7/8). I've seen some lug nuts with thin chrome-plated covers that were English size, but you had to use metric if the cover came off. I think someone is going to have to actually check to see that the wrench fits properly.

    A regular socket with a short extension would work for 95% of the lug nuts I've ever seen, but a sturdy deep-well might be long enough and strong enough. The torque on lug nuts is 70-80 foot-pounds. I wouldn't want to use a thin-wall deep-well socket made for sparkplugs on that.

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      I use a regular socket with about a 2" extension bar on my torque wrench when I torque the lugnuts on my Corolla. A deep socket might do it, but the extension may make it a little easier.

      Assuming they're actually torqued to 80 ft-lb a regular socket is plenty strong enough, and they will be fairly easy to take off, but if some slope-browed delinquent with an air wrench got to them, who knows....
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        Tell her to go to the auto parts store and get one. If she's old enough to drive, she's old enough to have all the counter guys abandon us male customers and show off for her.


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          If the lugnuts are acorn style, many sockets are not deep enough to engage the whole nut. If they are the sort that use a cover over the steel nut, this can distort the cover and make them very hard to remove later.

          Your best bet, if you're not trying to use a torque wrench, is to get something intended as a lug wrench. You can get a metric cross wrench that will almost certainly do the job. If you're set on using a socket wrench, the best bet is usually a decent quality six point impact socket. Better sockets are often cut just a little deeper than the cheap ones. In any case, make sure whatever wrench or socket you get not only fits the lug size but goes on far enough. You also need to make sure, if the car has alloy wheels, that the socket is not too fat to go into the counterbored wheel holes, so whetever you buy, try it yourself first.

          If the problem is one of manual strength, I'd get her a decent quality cross wrench and a cheap jack stand to support the tail end of the wrench. She can then get the nuts loose by stepping/stomping on it.


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            a Toyota Camry should have 21 MM lug nuts. i use a deep well six point socket. a chrome one will have thinner profile. a brake over bar and 2" extension will be fine. 80 lb torque.


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              I have a 2001 Camry with the standard steel wheels. I just checked it and with 12 point sockets, 13/16 is too small and 7/8 is too big so it seems to be metric. A standard socket (or a deep socket) would work with a breaker bar. I have a metric cross wrench and it fits fine. The cross wrench has 6 point sockets so I expect a typical impact socket should work but I don't know what size to suggest.

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                Depending which wheel it has an impact sacked may be too thick. If it has factory nuts they should be metric. I ground down my impact sockets when I worked for toyota gave them enough room not to scratch crome wheels.


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                  Thanks to all. I am fairly sure it is standard steel wheels. Will look for a 21mm socket this weekend.

                  Her factory wrench is bent and won't work. Was stranded on the side of the freeway last Saturday night for about an hour until someone could arrive to help her. I am trying to get it as an early birthday gift. She is short on money after having to buy a new tire.
                  North Central Arkansas