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    Do some of you guys have auto coolers on your mills. If so did you set your mill in a pan of some type to catch all of the run off. I would really like to know. I feel like I would need an auto cooler sooner than later. I was thinking of making me a drip pan out of 1/8'' steel. Just a 1/8"20"x30" plate with a 1" to 2" lip welded on. I made some of these at work years back for some huge hydralic machines that were all ways leaking. Is there and easier way to do this. thanks alot. mojo

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    You should check into misters first, they do a great job and dont create all the mess, they also dont douse critical components and run the risk of rust by doing so.


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      Thanks. What is your thoughts on Tool holders like collets and or er collet holders. I have to admit that I am a nubee. It looks like er collet holder system like the er 32 or er 40 would be price and time saving to boot. Would the er system slip where a regular collet wouldn't? thanks mojo


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        Jerry-- you may want to look at some of the many postings that already exist on some of these topics. The search function is gimpy here lately, but it looks like the source of the problem may be related to short (three-letter words).

        The only trouble with the ER collet holders is that they reduce the amount of work envelope under your mill spindle vs. say an R-8 collet that is almost entirely held *in* the spindle. ER collets are a good way to go to hold *work* as they are designed such that they squeeze the work parallel along their length. R-8's do not which is why they must be used only for their nominal size. Ie you can grip a 1/2" end mill with a 1/2" collet but a piece of shafting that is sized .489 would not be a good application for an R-8 collet.

        For smaller mills, R-8 collets are completely adequate. Some complain of slipping and therefore prefer end mill holders which use a set screw. These too reduce your work envelope, but hold very positively....important if you are making heavy cuts.

        I hope this helps
        Paul Carpenter
        Mapleton, IL


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          Thanks Paul


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            mojo, I'm sorta still a newbie, though I have been self teaching my self for several yrs now. I use ER40's, and I really like them!! The usual downside/complaint is like Paul said, --loss of some work envelope, but I gladly put up with that to get the other benefits, and I keep a set of R-8's on hand if I need that extral space.

            Being strictly a HSM'er, I got NO qualms about buying the Chinese tools (I can afford them!) and with the price of what a set of ER's AND a set of R-8's cost why not have both?

            As for your original queation about coolant, if you are a HSM'er also, I think youll seldom have need for any heavy duty cooling. Most of us just go slower at what ever were doing and can easily get by with a spritz of WD or similar, and if need, like already mentioned, get one of the misters, like Kool-Mist offers.
            If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something........


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              Auto Coolers

              Thanks Bill.
              I hear what you are saying about the china stuff. I am disabled and nolonger work, so I'm sure that I will be using the china equipment for the most part. 1 for the price and 2 because I am disabled and won't get to use it much.
              I probally wouldn't even have a mill if I hadn't run across this mill on ebay while looking into RC engines. I got this brand new China mill/lathe
              on ebay for $155.0. I didn't know at the time you could buy it new from Harbor Freight for $619.00 or I would have just bought it from them.
              I mentioned the auto cooler because I remember one time at work when I walked into the machine shop one of the guys had a pump set up pumping some kind of oil onto the endmill and his work. When I ask he said it was a cutting oil he was using to cut and cool with. thanks