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Tool Gloat: Modular Vises / Fixture plates.

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  • Tool Gloat: Modular Vises / Fixture plates.

    Got a bunch of goodies yesterday. Stevens Tooling plates and vises. Pretty neat stuff. The vise heads are a kurt style system. The holes in the plate are within .00015 over 30" and the plates are within .0005 parallel over 40". WOW! It has a 1.25" grid of 1/2-13 tapped holes with every 5th spot being a bushed hole.

    Got 2 subplates, one aluminum 15.5"x30" and one steel 16.5"x39.5". The steel one looks almost new. Got 5 vice heads, 7 1.25" hard jaws, 10 1.25" fixed hard jaws, 10 sets of soft jaws, 2 handles, riser and 2" fixed jaw.

    The plates are over $2500 new, each of the vices are $980 new, the soft jaw sets are $128 a set, the 2" hard jaw is $330 by itself. All Made in Arizona.

    Paid $850 for the works. This will be nice to work with...!

    Not sure which plate I am going to put on the mill. The aluminum one is light enough to move by myself. It would be nice for setting up fixtures for tig welding. Might put the steel one on the mill and leave it there (CNC Series II BP clone wit 9x49 table)

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    Nice score! What are the bushed holes for?


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      The shop that grinds those aluminum subplates for stevens engineering does nice work, I use them all the time and we repair their grinders when they go down

      If you decide to leave a subplate on all the time be sure to do some prep work to prevent the rust and staining...and oh yeah the smell, assuming you use coolant on the machine. There was a good thread on PM a few weeks/months back talking about the different things the machine owners did before they put their subplates on. Personally mine never stays on long enought to worry about it.

      You got a hell of a deal congrats.


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        I use mist coolant on the mill for now since it is not enclosed. What I use before I put anything on the table I spray a layer of done zep aerosol lithium grease. So far I have never experienced any rust at all even when things get really wet. I'll have to check out that thread though.

        B2u44, the bushes holes allow accurate location of fixturing and vices. The vice jaws have matching bushings. This allow you to have known locations within about .0001. This is especially nice when using multiple vice setups for offsets when milling duplicate parts on cnc.


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          just noticed these sub plates are slightly different than standard. Standard subs are bushes every fifth hole, these subs are every other. Makes setup options.

          Their site is


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            Got the plate installed and made parts with it last night and this morning. Nice stuff! Will save a lot of time on future parts.

            With the fixed jaws precision ground it make it real simple to setup for g54, g55, setups.