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New Office 2007???

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  • New Office 2007???

    I received the following images from a friend of mine recently. They are of a new "Office 2007" so far as I can tell.

    I can't tell you how glad I was to receive them as they reflect the way my existing and ideal "Office" operate/s.

    I am desperate to get a copy of this version of "Office". I would really appreciate any help here. I've tried everywhere!! and no success at at all!!

    I do hope my friend was not pulling my leg (or "chain" or "di*k" either). He just seemed SO helpful and plausible too.

    Please help me to restore my faith in human nature as it really WILL be appreciated.

    (Hint: its a "slow" Sunday here).

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    LOL so true.... Here is the leaked vista source code

    Precision takes time.


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      Gotta have that "code"

      Ripper Ringer!!!

      I'll take your word for it - looks good to me.

      I'd need to "brush the cob-webs off" but do you think I could incorporate it into AutoLisp for AutoCAD and export it as a *.dxf file and post-process it and have CNC code generated to CNC it??

      "Vista Source Code"??? Jeezuzz - I can't even find the "Wooster" sauce code in "Coles", "Woollies" or "Safeway" - let alone "K-Mart" et al.

      I must ask "Swarf & Sparks" ("Lin" in WA - if he is out of the bar in the Chiefs Mess - which is his "Home Port" and alternative residence). He can always be relied upon to offer advice and solutions too in these sorts of things. (I guess you've noticed).


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        New Office 2007

        Does it come with a key for the Chastity Belt please?

        It is- isn't?


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          Of course

          Sure does Norm.

          After Lin has finished diligently but time-takingly sorting out the sauce at the bar in the Chiefs Mess (Naval Establishment in WA) he, as custodian of such keys, (who else would you trust?) will advise all and sundry as to what we should do with it.

          His advice will not necessarily be in "Code" - it will just look that way after the Censors have edited it - as they do - and as they will - believe it!!.

          I expect that he will advise us to (in the words of HRH the Princess Royal) "Naff off" (spent too much time in the stables it was reported) and to use it as a suppository in your/our repository. He will be aware that getting it in is not half the problem that keeping it in is.


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            New Office 2007

            Thanks Tiff!
            The last time that I had a key, I fumbled with exitement so much that I dropped it- and it fell down a hole. Putting two and two together- or was it one and one, seemed impossible.

            And as for HRH Princess Anne- watch it! The Memsahib and I are in Austria with her former house mistress at Benendon. I made a further remark and deleted it. I would have ended up with me head tucked underneath me arm as I walked the Bloody Tower.

            Austria has its place called F***ing but we are polite and have settled for a place near Wank. I jesteth not.



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              Have at it!!!

              Norm, you've made my day!!

              I thought all the most skilled and avid wankers are here in OZ as it is our national sport - sez 'oo? The Kiwi's that's hoo. But I commiserate with you when you are with all them F***ing Wankers in Europe. I am sure you will have a lovely time - keep it up!!

              But we must have made it look pretty good or easy - enjoyable anyway - as I detect quite a few skilled practitioners in lottsa places - here as well!! But they are hard at it, but now need to see an Optometrist!!!


              Now where the he*l is that damned "Office" and "Code" I was looking for?


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                New Office 2007

                Coming from a place near Malcom's called Shilbottle, you can guess the possible use of a felt tipped pen. Serious, couldn't be more so. We've got a S***lington Common to wander carefully over.

                However, Austria takes it with Mozart's Balls. He seemed to have so many.
                Talk about killing birds with only one stone! Ah, well, I suppose that we will both have to behave.
                Seriously, my info was that Office 2007 was crap.

                Professional Office is similar. It can't spell and it can't do grammar. Neither can I but, I don't charge.

                Stick to the old stuff. Why bother?



                It doesn't like Anglo Sexton words does it?


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                  "Porter, what's that awful caterwauling?"
                  "They're holding a highlander's ball mum"
                  "The poor chap, here, give them 10 shillings and tell them to let go"

                  Ah yes, the oldies

                  In the matter of office, open office is still available free, with all the bells and whistles, AFAIK.

                  "Attempting to give a f*ck...2....3....4"
                  Just got my head together
                  now my body's falling apart


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                    New Office 2007

                    Afore I gan awa', we ought to get a book of jokes.

                    Yours, I believe, was the Billy Connolly one
                    'I did it 5 times last night'
                    1, 2, 3, 4,5!!!!!!!!!!

                    and there is the one about the guy who murdered his wife and buried her bum up in his bike shed.
                    Ah, the old ones are the best but put a bag over their heads.



                    Oh dear, just read the front page of the Sunday Times

                    'Athletes, ready, steady, grow'

                    and that is the title of the use of Viagra and Cialis by athletes

                    Can't continue, my eyesight is suddenly fading
                    Last edited by Norman Atkinson; 06-22-2008, 08:03 AM.


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                      "wire brush and dettol Ma'am!"
                      Just got my head together
                      now my body's falling apart


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                        I need a version of Office that translates Oz and Brit
                        Ernie (VE7ERN)

                        May the wind be always at your back


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                          Two (3, 4?) nations divided by a common language
                          Just got my head together
                          now my body's falling apart


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                            New Office 2007

                            Just watched a repeat of 'My Fair Lady'
                            How's that me young Shavian? Just felt the need to a' Princes Anne ' and shout- 'Not Pygmalion Likely!'

                            We could conceivably, welcome a modicum of culture- herein and heretofore- notwithstanding.

                            Just arse-ing with the spell check. Yoy-oiks, Tally ho! There goes the little bas****!
                            And who said a horse was the best ride?



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                              "And who said a horse was the best ride?"

                              Not I m'lud! Though I've partaken of the occasional stirrup cup

                              And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.

                              (reminds me, must do summat about me nails, filthy they are!)
                              Just got my head together
                              now my body's falling apart